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Fast Storage, October 2012

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Make room for solid state Virtually all computer users are familiar with the term hard disk drive (HDD). First introduced in 1956, HDD storage devices have evolved over the past 50-plus years and are now an integral component of every desktop and notebook computer used today. But a new technology has captured the attention of performance-focused computer users: the solid state drive (SSD) – a relatively new storage technology that uses integrated circuit-based memory chips instead of rotating memory like an HDD. VIDEO. What is SSHD? Revving the engine Modern computers utilize advanced microprocessors capable of many millions of complex computations every second. But they can only go as fast as your storage allows. All of the digital information stored on your computer hard drive – images, videos, documents and more – are fuel for your microprocessor. The faster you can deliver this digital fuel to your computer's microprocessor, the faster your computer will perform and the richer the applications it can support. SSD technology has some very attractive benefits, the most important of which is performance. An SSD will deliver significantly more overall computer system performance compared to a traditional hard drive. 6 FAST STORAGE OCT 2012 SEAGATE.COM/PROMOS/FAST-STORAGE

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