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Fast Storage, October 2012

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SSHD works on any system Because the SSHD installs and communicates just like a traditional hard drive, it's 100% compatible with existing operating systems. Testing conducted by Seagate® and Apple® on both Windows® OS based systems demonstrates this compatibility and performance in start-up and application load testing. ® Dell® Launch Demo Boot time Microsoft® iTunes® Adobe® XPS Pro Application PowerPoint Premiere Elements Microsoft® Adobe® Excel Photoshop QuickTime® See SSHD performance for yourself Seagate created a test bed using three identical non-branded notebook computers. Each was exactly the same in every way except for the storage used. We compared systems using a 7200-RPM HDD, an SSD and an SSHD. All of the notebooks were equipped with 4GB of DRAM storage and the Windows 7 operating system. Each of these systems was then tested for boot time and application load times while using the three storage types. We also tested with different microprocessors. One system incorporated an Intel® Core™ i3 processor, the second, a Core™ i5, and the third, a Core™ i7. Even faster in parallel And for the really serious PC performance junkies, SSHD technology has shown tremendous performance benefit in RAID 0 configurations, where ™ ® 24 FAST STORAGE OCT 2012 SEAGATE.COM/PROMOS/FAST-STORAGE MacBook® Boot Microsoft® iTunes® PowerPoint Pro Application Launch Demo Adobe® Adobe® Premiere Elements Photoshop

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