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Fast Storage, October 2012

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To fully exploit the rapid advances in processor technology, the hard disk drive (HDD) needs to evolve as well. You don't want your employees' productivity to be limited by the speed of their systems. This is why solid state drives (SSDs) have generated so much interest as a solution for faster storage and higher productivity. But while SSD technology has proven to deliver significantly improved performance and higher CPU utilization, it comes with an exceptionally high price tag. SSD may be a viable solution for systems limited to 64GB - 128GB of storage, but most commercial notebook, laptop and desktop PCs require higher capacity. That puts SSD far out of the reach of typical storage budgets for these systems. Solid state hybrid drives (SSHDs) can cost-effectively fill these performance and capacity gaps. They integrate the speed of SSD and the capacity of HDD at a price-performance point far below SSDs and just slightly above HDDs. ▶ ≥ OCT 2012 FAST STORAGE 17

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