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One hundred years constitutes a century. A century marks a period in human history. Someone who lives one hundred years is called a centenarian. A centenarian who continues to work and never retires is a phenomenon. 64 PAGES DEVOTED TO CELEBRATING ANTONIO B. POMERLEAU | SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 24 2017 POMERLEAU BIRTHDAY EDITION Meet Antonio Pomerleau: Vermont's Phenomenal Centenarian An American Dream Born on Canadian Soil. Antonio Pomerleau was born in Mar- bleton, Quebec, September 28th, 1917, the third child of Ernest and Alma Pomerleau. Although the family moved to Barton, Vermont, to operate a dairy farm when Antonio was just six months old, French remained the household lan- guage. - Page 3 Mary Alice McKenzie on Tony Pomerleau Tony Pomerleau has spent much of his life around bricks and mortar. He was always doing real estate deals and constructing stores and shopping centers for supermarkets and other cli- ents. Later in life he has been donating to capital construction projects to allow colleges, com- munities, social service agencies and others to build structures. - Page 23 Jack Neuhauser on Tony Pomerleau Tony Pomerleau has applied one trick with great success in terms of his generous dona- tions - making it a requirement that check recipients had to raise an equal amount. St. Mi- chael's College President Jack Neuhauser was among those that learned quickly about To- ny's personal match program. - Page 27 Kevin Scully on Tony Pomerleau Tony Pomerleau loves police. He loves them so much he bought them a police station. "He was a great champion of not only the Burlington Police, but law enforcement in gener- al," retired Police Chief Kevin Scully said. - Page 29 Charlie Lord on Tony Pomerleau Tony Pomerleau has given plenty of people a chance to shine as new employees. Some there was an obvious reason for the hire. Some were just a gut feeling. And a few were just because of the situation. When Charlie Lord was hired, it may have been a gut feeling, or the situation, or a combination of the two. - Page 60 Ray Ayers on Tony Pomerleau Through the years Tony Pomerleau built a reputation as a hard negotiator. Just ask Ray Ayers, who had a long career with Grand Union. Ayers worked his way up within real estate department in the supermarket chain from a junior analyst to vice president. He has known Pomerleau about 40 years. - Page 38 Laura Dolgin on Tony Pomerleau Tony Pomerleau has a vi- sion of hustle and bustle in Newport. He is proud of a photograph circa 1920 that shows people thriving on the streets, parking spaces filled, a vibrant community in ac- tion, Newport City Manager Laura Dolgin said. When major plans for a revitalized downtown took a hit with questions about the EB-5 program... - Page 40

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