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Staff Report To m a i n t a i n s o c i a l distancing while display- ing indoor exhibits with fair volunteers present, the McDonald County Fair will be allowing no more than 10 exhibitors inside the fair building at once during dropoff. O r g a n i z e r s a s k t h a t participants try to limit to one family member per family dropping off exhib- its on Thursday to aid in reducing wait time. Indoor exhibits will only be appli- cable to exhibitors 18 and under this year. If you need a specif ic time to drop off, please call indoor superintendent Neal Hutton at 417-399-7747 to schedule that time. Masks will be required indoors at dropoff. Addi- tionally, to better align with the protocols requested by the health department, exhibitors will be allowed to p i c k u p t h e i r wo rk s between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. on Saturday. As usual, the McDonald County Fair cannot be held responsible for any exhib- its not retrieved on Satur- day. All premium checks for indoor exhibits will be mailed to awardees. O rga n i ze rs a p o l o g i ze for any inconvenience that this adds to the dropoff and pickup for all exhibitors, but they are striving for the health and best inter- est of the participants at the McDonald County Fair. Indoor exhibits can be entered on Thursday, July 23, beginning at 8 a.m., and must be submitted by noon. There will be no fair cleanup days scheduled. Member FDIC COMMITTED TO AGRICULTURE Anderson (417) 845-3600 Noel (417) 475-3131 We focus on the needs of our customers and communities above all else. That's why we oer a wide range of products and services, including friendly, local experts at all of our locations. We are people helping people nd nancial solutions for life. Your local source for all your building supply needs. Honest, affordable and always the highest quality. 409 Main St. • SouthweSt City, Mo 417-762-3220 417-762-3214 6A McDonalD county Fair thursday, July 23, 2020 County Fair Set July 23-25 The McDonald County Fair has undergone some changes this year, but it will go on this week. Fa c i n g t h e c o v i d - 1 9 pandemic, the fair commit- tee made the decision to forgo various events, includ- ing the coronation, livestock auction, tiny tot contest, dog show, goat milking contest, etc. Then, as covid-19 infec- tions rose in the county, and at the recommendation of the McDonald County Health Department, the fair committee made the decision to push the event back a week in order to have more time between the Newton County Fair and the McDonald County Fair in case of covid- 19 exposure for exhibitors. T h e f a i r c o m m i t t e e has adopted other safety measures as well. Masks will be required by the health department for everyone over the age of 2, and social distancing will be required b a s e d o n C D C g u i d e - lines. Hand sanitizer and hand-washing stations will be available. The cook shack will be closed, so everyone should bring their own water to drink. The schedule of events is: Thursday 11 a.m. — Scarecrow contest judging 1 to 5 p.m. — Judging of indoor exhibits 2 p.m. — Dairy goats 6 p.m. — Bucket calf 7 p.m. — Dairy cattle Friday 9 a.m. — Swine 10 a.m. — Rabbits 2 p.m. — Beef 6 p.m. — Poultry Saturday 9 a.m. — Sheep Noon — Meat goats TBD — Release of indoor exhibits Rachel Dickerson McDonald County Press MEGAN DAVIS/MCDONALD COUNTY PRESS The Whitehead siblings, of Anderson, opted for a magical, Harry Potter-themed costume for the 2019 McDonald County Fair Dog Show. (L to R) Carolie, Atticus, Norah and Zelda pose with Cinch the Corgi. Social Distancing Procedures To Be Followed Save a life This space courTesy NWa DemocraT-GazeTTe MEGAN DAVIS/MCDONALD COUNTY PRESS Addison Blake, 11, of Southwest City, took a moment to hit the hay with her beloved cow, Diamond, after a day full of events at the 2019 McDonald County Fair. MEGAN DAVIS/MCDONALD COUNTY PRESS An intricate wooden star was crafted, stained and skillfully assembled by a resident of the McDonald County Living Center in Anderson and displayed at the 2019 McDonald County Fair.

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