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Legacies Our new Hall of Fame for those who have made a difference in Wayne County — 2014 nominees Legacy 2014 inductee — Andy Anderson Legacy 2014 inductee — Bill Edgerton As part of our annual Progress edition, the News-Argus has chosen honorees to begin a special list of people who have contributed much to Wayne County. Legacies are those who are treasured members of the community now. Unsung Heroes are regular people, nominated by the community, who have done extraordinary things — big or small — with little to no fanfare. Legends are those who have recently passed on but whose influence will forever be a part of Wayne County. We have started the list, but it is by no means complete. We hope you will help us add to it each year as we begin an annual tradition to honor those who give of themselves and who continue to inspire us — and who make — or who have made — a difference in our community. It is our chance as a community to say 'thank you.' • Unsung Hero nominations begin on Page 5c • Our first Legends list begins on Page 4c Tribute begins on Page 3c Tribute begins on Page 2c Why we think he is special: For decades, Andy Anderson has proven that integrity and a true, heartfelt commitment to doing what's best for the community are all you need to make a difference. A dedicated champion for Wayne County, Mr. Anderson has devoted many years to fighting for projects for his county — and succeeding where others have failed. His unwavering commitment to all things historic has helped preserve a bit of the community's heritage at Waynesborough Park — a mission he remains committed to today. He is a man whose forward thinking and dogged determination, as well as his commitment to service, have made his community a better place. Why we think he is special: There is very little that goes on in Wayne County that is a bit of good work that does not, in some way, have the support of Bill Edgerton. A Christian who lives his faith every day and is eager to share it with others, Mr. Edgerton is the kind of person who looks for ways to serve before anyone even has time to ask. Devoting his retirement years to others, Mr. Edgerton (accompanied by his wife, Jan) has helped Wayne County residents and their families with everything from finding an affordable home to making sure their children have the tools they need to succeed in school. His mission is love, caring and compassion — and he is a model for the kind of person we should all want to be.

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