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faces crowd in our the people whose stories are the real heart of Wayne County community youth & inside Golden-strong For decades, many of the men in the Golden K Kiwanis were community leaders. Now, they continue their service — and find new fellowship. PAGE 3C 'We pray and we ask that we don't do anything to glorify ourselves. When we get on that stage, we really are worshipping.' TANYA PECK mime ministry director The Goldsboro News-Argus 2015 Progress edition Friday, Feb. 27, 2015 • Section C Faith-o-mime There are no words in this expression of faith, but the members of The Bridge's mime troupe know that ministering to their congregation takes only letting the spirit take over their performance. A dozen youths take their place on the stage of The Bridge Church. Their message to the congregation will be simple — an expression of faith not uncommon in most sanctuaries on most Sundays. But they will accomplish their mis- sion uniquely, just as they do every time they take the stage — without saying a word. The mime troupe is uniform in all the traditional ways — decked out in long flowing black robes, faces made up with sharp black-and-white lines that accen- tuate their features. The uniqueness among them, the element that can't be taught or rehearsed in advance, are their facial expressions. That expression of faith is in itself, personal, said the group's director, Tanya Peck. "We don't uniform our facial expressions," Mrs. Peck said. "Movements may be synchronized, but facial expressions are different." "That's a Sunday thing," member Darius Copes said. "Whenever we're on stage and we realize we're praising God in that moment, it just comes to us." The 17-year-old said the emotions are simply not some- thing that can be practiced. But once the group hits the stage in preparation for the worship service, it somehow happens. Jazmyne Taylor, 12, right, applies makeup before a performance. Jazmyne has been per- forming with the troupe for seven years. At left, is Darius Copes' mime makeup bag. The troupe uses black eyeliner and lipstick, pictured, to contrast their white makeup. Story by PHYLLIS MOORE Photos by CASEY MOZINGO Cody Howell, 16, applies white clown makeup in the mirror of the dressing room at The Bridge Church. He is a member of the church's mime ministry. A servant's heart Being there for others has been Roberto Mendoza's mission for decades — first as an airman and volunteer firefighter and now as a Red Cross volunteer. PAGE 4C No limits to caring Members of the Aktion Club do not let their disabilities stop them from making sure they are there for others. PAGE 5C Sgt. Tootle's calling Dinah Tootle asked God for guidance on what to do with her life and how to serve. The answer? To guide young people to find their higher selves through JROTC. PAGE 8C Leader of young men Scoutmaster Daniel Lockerby's advice includes a challenge — try first, fail often, and then learn from those lessons. Then, he sits back and watches Scouts turn into men. PAGE 6C The beat goes on Goldsboro High's G-Force members know that when they march, they are carrying more than their own reputations. A legacy of decades of music is also their responsibility. PAGE 7C See MIME MINISTRY, Page 2C

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