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Larry Herring's home is a reflection of himself. Modest and unassuming, both are bursting from within with art, design, music and ceaseless energy. His speech patterns and movements mimic the jazz music that fills his home as he tinkers, doodles, sketches and drafts. Herring, 65, is the man behind most of the signs and storefront windows adorn- ing downtown Goldsboro's revitalized business district. His ensemble of paintings, lettering, wooden signs and logos blend into an orchestra of color and style intended to draw customers in to the shops and restaurants that line Golds- boro's recently completed Center Street streetscape project and surrounding areas. "I made a statement years ago down at the permit and inspections office, 'If given the opportunity, I'll beautify your city,'" Herring said. Since then, he has. Herring has been commissioned to make signs and paint inviting logos for downtown businesses including Jay's Burger and Sushi Bar, Chef Herb's Bistro and Restaurant, Ed's Southern Food and Spirits, The Ice Storm, The Village Rising, The Dancing Butterfly and many more. He is currently finishing a double-sided hanging sign for the Carolina Pine Country Store. But the classically trained commercial artist did not earn his reputation overnight. Despite being a North Carolina native, Her- ring was raised in a very different place and in a very different time, picking up his first Profiles the stories behind the accomplishments The Goldsboro News-Argus 2016 Progress edition Friday, Feb. 26, 2016 • Section C inside Community fabric Artist Larry Herring set out to beautify Goldsboro years ago, and now he is doing it one business at a time downtown. Storefront beauty Larry's freehand murals on the walls inside and outside of Jay's Burger and Sushi bar were all done in chalk. The artist works in a variety of mediums to create unique designs for each of his clients. Herring selects a drill bit as he prepares to hang the Dancing Butterfly sign he designed. One of his favorites, the sign is brightly colored and covered with glitter and reflective gems. Larry has created many of the signs for busi- nesses in downtown Goldsboro. Larry Herring has taken his creative skills and inspirations and painted them all along Goldsboro. From storefronts to signs his touch has made the city more beautiful. 'I like to just sit down and close my eyes and let things start formulating. Just like the old Polaroid cameras. You focus. You click. And the picture comes out.' — Larry Herring speaks about how he formulates design ideas See BEAUTY, Page 8C Story by JOHN JOYCE Photos by CASEY MOZINGO Chasing life Jovane Holland has traveled the world and returned to Goldsboro and began to help build the art community downtown. PAGE 2C Great uniter Ronda Hughes brings the community together through her organization efforts. PAGE 4C Finding Habitat Matt Whittle, director of Habitat for Humanity, spent a decade in Goldsboro before finding his niche of giving others homes. PAGE 9C Building strength Melissa Harrell is a published author, mother, missionary and through counseling others builds their strength. PAGE 14C

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