April 14, 2018

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SCREEN April 14-20, 2018 ALSO INSIDE THE NEWS & ADVANCE 16 APRIL 14 - 20, 2018 By K.A. Taylor TV Media S weating palms, heart racing, lips quivering — in a hostage situa- tion, whether you're the victim, the hostage taker or the negotiator, all three symptoms could apply to you at any time. Solid writing can evoke such sensory reactions even through televi- sion and computer screens, which may well explain the success of one of CBS's latest crime dramas. There are countless reasons why one might be held for "Ransom," and the latest is explored Saturday, April 14, with the show's second episode of its sopho- more season. While the initial vibe of a crime drama might conjure up notions of whodunnits, what sets "Ransom" vastly apart from its fellows is the mo- tivations of the Crisis Resolution team and where it places its priorities. Veer- ing away from rigid binaries, the series dwells in a grey space, where the need to save the hostage reigns primary and catching the criminal submits to a secondary position. Crisis Resolu- procedure, including where the rules can be bent and broken, should such a situation arise. Alongside Zara and Eric is Oliver Yates (Brandon Jay McLaren, "Graceland"), a psychological profiler whose skills often bleed out into his observations of co-workers, though largely from a place of care and com- passion. Rounding off the team is the now slightly more seasoned newbie, Max- ine Carlson (Sarah Greene, "Penny Dreadful"), an up-and-coming nego- tiator under Eric's tutelage. It's estab- lished right from the start of the series that there's a history between Maxine and Eric, though it's not quite what you'd expect. It also acts as the main motivation for Maxine's own journey into the world of hostage negotiation. At the conclusion of the show's first season (spoilers coming up), the past that links Eric and Maxine came full to the fore. The killer of Maxine's mother, Damian Delaine (Carlo Rota, "Jane the Virgin"), is on parole, which conveniently coincides with a national — potentially even international — threat. After Maxine admits to having immediate crisis situations and those of potential clients and agencies in nations all saw the potential for the series and found themselves drawn to negotiator Laurent Combalbert. Com- balbert's own path has some clear influence in the series, in particular his drive to start up his own global com- pany, the Agency of Dedicated Nego- tiators (ADN) in 2013. While no longer active in the field, Combalbert dedi- cates his time as a speaker and trainer, hoping to inspire future negotiators and to help the field flourish and grow as technological advancements arise, whether in high crisis situations in- volving life or death, or merely within the boardroom. Perhaps it is this unique, renowned influence that has helped showrunners and writers to craft a more honest narrative, compel- ling CBS and the series' legion of fans to clamor for a second season. The high-tension chaos evoked by scenes of hostage negotiation is at once terrifying and exhilarating, so long as one remains an observer and not a participant. "Ransom" brings viewers as close as it can to living and breathing such a traumatic experi- ence, by presenting a vast array of hostage and negotiation scenarios without placing too much emphasis Demands met: 'Ransom' returns for a second season Luke Roberts stars in "Ransom" feature story • Check out 'RANSOM' • Puzzles & games • Movie releases • Home Improvement shows & more 90 DAYS INTEREST FREE 10-20% OFF OUR EVERYDAY LOW PRICE TAGS! HIGH POINT FURNITURE OUTLET Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri.: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Sat.: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. 2423 Wards Rd., Lynchburg • 434-239-6513 COUNTRY shines Reba McEntire returns to host the 53rd Academy of Country Music Awards

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