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June 29, 2018

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Based on the bestselling, critically acclaimed book of the same name by Sarai Walker, the show was brought to television by Marti Noxon ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer"). "Dietland" is equal parts drama and comedy as it cri- tiques the beauty industry and society in general for its obsession with weight and the near-impossible ideals imposed upon women. As Plum prepares for the sur- gery that will give her the so- called "perfect" body, she's torn between old ideas and new extremes when she's approached by an under- ground organization deter- mined to challenge the sta- tus quo. She also learns of a group of feminists bent on getting revenge against sex- ual predators. The role requires an actress capable of being both con- flicted and funny, and pro- ducers put their faith in Nash from the get-go. When it was announced that the actress had taken the lead in the new series way back in August 2017, creator Noxon spoke highly of their new star. "Joy is everything I hoped we'd find in our leadin g woman — beautiful, smart and blazing with talent," Noxon said. "When she au- ditioned, the whole room was electrified." Nash is in good company. Producers were equally ex- cited to announce the cast- ing of Julianna Margulies of "ER" and "The Good Wife," who plays Plum's boss at Austen Media, magazine ed- itor Kitty Montgomery. Wick- edly ambitious, Kitty is sucked into a terrifying news cycle when a feminist orga- nization begins to target those around her. "Julianna is diabolically talented and beautiful, which makes her perfect to play our Kitty," Noxon said. "I am genuinely honored to have the opportunity to work with her. She's a spe- cial human and a rare actor." The cast also includes Ta- mara Tunie ("Law & Order: Special Victims Unit") as Ju- lia Smith, an Austen Media employee who manages the beauty closet where they store all manner of makeup, lotions and fad-worthy prod- ucts. However, Plum learns Julie has a hidden agenda as an operative for an under- ground feminist organiza- tion that wants to under- mine the messages of Aus- ten Media's beauty maga- zines and those like them. On the flipside is Robin Weigert ("Deadwood") as Verena Baptist, the fierce leader of a feminist collec- tive who brings women into a place dubbed Calliope House, a place of accep- tance. She hopes to depro- gram Plum so she can reject beauty industry thinking and accept herself for who she is now, not who she thinks she should be. Erin Darke ("Good Girls Revolt") plays Leeta Al- bridge, who shakes up Plum's world when she tries to recruit her for Baptist, claiming that the leader will change her life. Baptist's other followers include for- mer sitcom star Marlowe Buchannan (Alanna Ubach, "Girlfriends' Guide to Di- vorce"), who lost her job when she gained a few extra pounds, and Sana (Ami Sheth, "Blindspot"), a disfig- ured artist who becomes a model of self-acceptance for Plum. Calliope House is also home to Rubi (Jen Ponton, "30 Rock"), a colorful, exu- berant and very opinionated woman. Plum's love interest in the series is NYPD Det. Dominic O'Shea (Adam Rothenberg, "Ripper Street"), who be- comes attracted to Plum while investigating a hack at Austen Media. Dominic pals around with fellow cop and former partner, Bobby (Marc Blucas, "Underground"). British actress Rowena King ("Of Kings and Proph- ets") portrays no-nonsense newscaster Cheryl Crane- Murphy, who struggles to re- main calm as she delivers ma- cabre news sparked by the ac- tions of a feminist terrorist group known only as Jennifer. Austen Media titan Stanley Austen (Campbell Scott, "Royal Pains") has been tar- geted by the anonymous fem- inist terrorists. Meanwhile, his wife, Abra (Kelly Hu, "The Scorpion King," 2002), has grown resentful of being re- garded as merely Stanley's "trophy wife." Behind the scenes, Noxon serves as executive produc- er, writer and showrunner. She also directs several epi- sodes, exploring issues such as patriarchy, misogyny and rape culture in addition to critiquing unrealistic beauty standards. Filmed in New York City, the series tackles important issues and is likely to spark heated conversations among viewers. In fact, AMC is counting on it. The network has paired the se- ries with an aftershow in the vein of "Talking Dead," the companion series to its mega-hit "The Walking Dead." "Unapologetic With Aisha Tyler" airs immedi- ately after each episode of "Dietland" as Tyler ("Whose Line Is It Any- way?") and her guests talk about the show and the is- sues it explores. While shows such as "Talking Dead" focus primarily on its companion series, "Unapol- ogetic" digs deeper as Tyler leads discussions about broader "female-centric" issues beyond the themes touched on in "Dietland." The talk show features a mix of series stars and pro- ducers, celebrity fans, jour- nalists, comedians, writers and others. All in all, "Dietland" has been causing quite a stir in the television industry as Hollywood continues to move forward with the Me Too movement against sexu- al harassment and assault. Follow a beaten and dis- traught Plum as she takes cover in Calliope House, where she tries to come to terms with who she really is in a new episode of "Diet- land," airing Monday, July 2, on AMC, and stick around to check out "Unapologetic With Aisha Tyler." 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