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Uniquely Bella Vista The Weekly Vista Wednesday, June 27, 2018 F 5C Assisted Living Community We are a Family Owned and Operated Award Winning Assisted Living Community located in Bentonville 2300 SE 28th Street | Bentonville 479.273.9969 Closely located to Northwest Medical Center, Mercy Hospital and various specialized and general medical clinics. Amenities Include: ✧ Free Wi-Fi ✧ Security cameras at all entrances and hallways ✧ Inviting common areas with fi replaces on 2 fl oors Additional luxuries: ✧ Library ✧ Beauty salon ✧ Snack Room ✧ Billiard room ✧ Therapeutic whirlpool baths ✧ Pleasant home-style laundry rooms ✧ Activity/craft room with kitchen for family use ✧ Spacious chapel with adjacent multipurpose center for group activities ors 5% Discount for Veterans Computer Install/ Upgrades Virus/Spyware Removal Computer, Monitor, Printer & Accessory Sales Justin Sell 479-685-0045 Reliable Services Reasonable Prices Bella Vista Computer Services Fax: 479-268-3954 email: web: 630 W. Lancashire Blvd. Bella Vista, AR 72715 Mon-Fri 10am - 6pm Closed Saturdays Appointment Hours: 7am – 9am Weekdays Art made in Bella Vista Keith Bryant An old barn alongside Benton County Road 40, just barely in the city limits, hosts a wide array of juried, wholly handmade art. Wishing Spring Gallery president Pearl Williamson said that everything for sale in the old barn is hand - made by artists in Bella Vista and the surrounding area. Artists have to be members of the Village Art Club, she said, and must man the shop a few days each month. "We have a variety, anything from fine arts to crafts," she said. The jurying process in - cludes three or four artists looking over the proposed merchandise to ensure it is handmade and meets gallery requirements. Art facilitator Bill Croft said that the gallery tries to avoid having duplicate items. There are artists working in the same me - dia, he said, including mul- tiple potters and painters, for instance, but most of them are doing very differ- ent things in their chosen medium. Most exhibitors are re- tired, he said, and the oldest artist at the gallery is 97. Some others are in their 80s, he said, and a lot of other exhibitors are in their 60s and 70s, while a few are younger. "It's an opportunity for them to put their art up there and put it for sale," he said. "One of the things I like is the creativity that people bring to it." Croft said he's seen a va - riety of works with stained glass. One artist weaves cloth into bowls. Another makes art from driftwood. He recycles jeans into of- ten-functional art, like pin- cushions and organizers. "I just take blue jeans and tear them up and see what ideas come up," he said. Williamson explained that she paints landscapes on canvas or metal, often of spaces in and around Bella Vista. "I just like nature," she said. The gallery is a nonprofit organization, Croft said, and the money it makes goes to support art educa- tion in the area. "We give scholarships to students," he said. Scholarships are given to first-year college students and fresh high school graduates pursuing art education. There are five students currently receiving schol - arships, Croft said. Additionally, money from the gallery goes to purchase art supplies for area elementary schools. Art educators can request a grant, she said, though they are required to explain what the funds will be used for. There are a variety of reasons people might buy art, he said, but anyone coming in — even if they don't spend anything — is helpful. They may come back to buy later or refer a friend, he said, and the money they spend goes into the pockets of area art - ists and helps to fund the next generation of artists. "When they buy here, they're supporting the arts," he said. Keith Bryant/The Weekly Vista The Wishing Spring Gallery sits off Benton County Road 40, east of its intersection with U.S. Highway 71. Keith Bryant/The Weekly Vista Glass mosaics by Keith and Jannette Chapman are dis- played at the Wishing Spring Gallery. Keith Bryant/The Weekly Vista Pottery made by David Johnson is up for sale at the Wishing Spring Gallery. Keith Bryant/The Weekly Vista A variety of artwork is on display at Wishing Spring Gal- lery.

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