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June 05, 2018

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4 UCW JUNE 6-12, 2018 WWW.UPANDCOMINGWEEKLY.COM BILL BOWMAN, Publisher, UP & COMING WEEKLY. COMMENTS? BILL@upandcomingweekly.com. 910-484-6200. PUBLISHER'S PEN STAFF PUBLISHER Bill Bowman Bill@upandcomingweekly.com ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER/ EDITOR Stephanie Crider editor@upandcomingweekly.com OPERATIONS DIRECTOR Paulette Naylor accounting@upandcomingweekly.com ASSISTANT EDITOR Leslie Pyo leslie@upandcomingweekly.com SENIOR SPORTS EDITOR Earl Vaughan Jr. EarlUCWSports@gmail.com REPORTERS Charles Bosworth, Jeff Thompson news@upandcomingweekly.com GRAPHIC DESIGNER Elizabeth Long art@upandcomingweekly.com CONTRIBUTING WRITERS D.G. Martin, Pitt Dickey, Margaret Dickson, John Hood, Jim Jones, Shanessa Fenner, Jason Brady, Lauren Vanderveen, Matthew Skipper, Shane Wilson SALES ADMINISTRATOR/ DISTRIBUTION MANAGER Laurel Handforth laurel@upandcomingweekly.com MARKETING/SALES Linda McAlister Brown linda@upandcomingweekly.com ––––––––––– Up & Coming Weekly www.upandcomingweekly.com 208 Rowan St. P.O. Box 53461 Fayetteville, NC 28305 PHONE: (910) 484-6200 FAX: (910) 484-9218 Up & Coming Weekly is a "Quality of Life" publication with local features, news and information on what's happening in and around the Fayetteville/Cumberland County community. Up & Coming Weekly is published weekly on Wednesdays. Up & Coming Weekly wel- comes manuscripts, photographs and artwork for publication consideration, but assumes no responsibility for them. We cannot accept responsibility for the return of unsolicited manuscripts or material. Opinions expressed by contributors do not necessarily reflect the views of the publisher. The publisher reserves the right to edit or reject copy submitted for publication. Up & Coming Weekly is free of charge and distributed at indoor and outdoor locations throughout Fayetteville, Fort Bragg, Pope Air Force Base, Hope Mills and Spring Lake. Readers are limited to one copy per person. ©2018 by F&B Publications, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction or use of editorial or advertisements without permission is strictly prohibited. Cover art/Various ads with art graphics designed with various elements from: vecteezy.com and freepik.com. As home to Fort Bragg and the 82nd Airborne Division, Fayetteville is nestled closer to the hearts of our Founding Fathers than most of America for one reason – the fine service members here who protect and defend our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. ey ensure that we can vote, we can dissent, we can speak our minds – even when maybe we shouldn't. Yet we do. Just this past year, writers in Up & Coming Weekly made their voices heard regarding immi- gration, kneeling during the national anthem, and more recently, local politics in both Hope Mills and Fayetteville. We received pushback on all of it. And we were happy to read and print those responses, even when we didn't agree. Disagreements and pettiness happen daily on a national level with presidential tweets that make headlines and talking heads and celebrities who use their positions as a platform to further their political or personal agendas. Two recent cases that come to mind are Rose- anne Barr and Samantha Bee. ABC can- celed Barr's TV show for inappropriate re- marks she made about President Obama's former democratic senior advisor, Valerie Jarrett. Meanwhile, on her show "Full Frontal," Samantha Bee verbally assaulted President Trump's daughter, Ivanka (a Republican staffer), by referring to her as a "feckless C**t." Did TBS' executives admonish Bee's behavior? Did they cancel her comedy show? ey did not. Imagine the national outrage if Bee said that about Michelle Obama, or worse, her daughters Malia and Sasha. Bee's show was videotaped. is meant that TBS had the opportunity to edit out the offensive insult before it aired nation- ally. ose with the authority to make that decision chose not to. Even if the performance was a live broadcast, a standard 10-second broad- casting delay allows for bleeping out vulgarities. By their actions, these two companies made bold statements about where they stand. Undoubtedly, many agree with them. Others do not. But no one went to jail, mysteri- ously disappeared or lost their job. Because this is still America. at's part of the glory of our country. We can speak our minds without fear of retribu- tion from our government and with the expectation of being heard. As part of this military community, we have lost far too many service members through the years because they answered the call to serve and were sent to handle America's business in faraway places on our behalf. With Memorial Day in the rearview mirror, and on the heels of heartfelt ceremonies where we honored our friends for their sacrifice and quietly vowed to look after their widows and orphans, the name-calling and hate couldn't feel more mis- guided or counterproductive. We are lucky to be Ameri- cans, and we should definitely use our First Amendment right to voice our opinions, to dis- agree, to be true to ourselves. When passions run high, it is easy to forget the cost of our freedom. And that comes with consequences – for people and organizations. We both thank you for reading Up & Coming Weekly. The freedom to speak by BILL BOWMAN and STEPHANIE CRIDER STEPHANIE CRIDER, Associate Publisher. COMMENTS? Editor@ upandcomingweekly.com. 910-484-6200. HIGH 84 HIGH 85 JUNE 7 JUNE 8 JUNE 9 JUNE 10 JUNE 11 JUNE 12 Cloudy Mostly Cloudy Mostly Sunny Mostly Sunny Scattered Thunderstorms Sunny LOW 66 LOW 65 LOW 72 LOW 69 LOW 71 LOW 66 HIGH 84 HIGH 89 HIGH 91 HIGH 92

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