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PAGE 3 FKQ D an Ahern '85 was interested in a fraternity when he came to Iowa State and he attended many recruitment functions trying to find a good fit. His best friend from high school, Greg Stolp '84, invited Dan to various events and social gatherings. "I got to know the guys and knew they were a good group with a good mix of characters. So when Andy Lyons '83 presented a bid to me, I knew it was the right answer." Iowa Xi indeed proved to be the best fit for Dan due to the brothers, as well as the fraternity's basis in his Catholic faith. During his time in the chapter house, Dan continued to learn how he could best fit into the group. "I was scholarship chairman for a while, which, to be honest, was not my strong suit. Then I was elected rush chairman, which was right up my alley." This role in particular taught him about working with others from different backgrounds and perspectives, as well as find- ing self-motivation to accomplish the chapter's recruitment goals. "I had to help encourage and motivate others; not just to bring in new members, but to bring in the right members." Dan's favorite house memories include working on Veishea floats, going to football games and formals, and "actu- ally graduating" amidst all his fraternal responsibilities. Dan graduated from ISU with a degree in industrial engineering and cur- rently works at ABB with a focus on the Global Navy and Coast Guard market. "My current position is an extension of many aspects of my career. I originally intended to be a Learjet salesman, but instead my career grav- itated toward the controls and electrical market, mostly in sales. I worked 15 years at Rockwell Automation, spent eight months at a dot-com that went 'dot-bomb,' and have now been with ABB for 17 years." In the early years following graduation, Dan frequently vis- ited the chapter house and enjoyed reconnecting with broth- ers, but those opportunities became few and far between as people got involved with careers and families. He has stayed particularly close with Gary Culp '84 and his family and en- joys keeping up with their global adventures. Gary and Greg Stolp both had children around the same age as Dan's, which created another connection among brothers. Dan also stays in touch with Dave McCleary '83, Steve Passcuzzi '84, and others who still live in the Midwest, and they always enjoy the instant reconnection from shared experiences. Dan's post-graduate involvement with the chapter was minimal for several years until his son, Patrick Ahern '14, attended ISU and decided to pledge FKQ. "Prior to attending, Patrick and several of his high school buddies had a sleepover at the house and all got along with the brothers," Dan re- calls. "With this, my activity with the chapter picked up again." He went on to join a group of brothers led by Paul Peterson '01 in their fundraising efforts across the country. Dan encourages current undergraduates and younger alumni to save money and work hard at their current job, which will prepare them for the next ca- reer opportunity. "As I told many brothers during the fundraising campaign, FKQ taught me many things about myself and others, making me a better and harder-working individual." Dan and his wife, Kris, live in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., where they enjoy scuba diving and going out on their boat. Dan and Kris also have a daughter, Caitlin, who will soon to be senior at the University of Louisville. You can reach Dan via email at President Matthew Milder '19 (630) 731-0029 Internal Vice President Nathan Vanhandel '19 External Vice President David Mercer '20 Treasurer Bradey Partyka '20 Vice President of Spiritual Development Chase Rizzo '19 Recruitment Chairmen Andrew Mercer '18 (563) 581-2402 Lawson Townley '20 (712) 899-8559 Social Chairman Zach Vaske '20 House Manager John Scheffler '20 Steward Marcus Heintschel '20 Scholarship Chairman Bryce Frey '20 Public Relations Chairman Alec Giljohann '19 Associate Member Director Davis Arbogast '18 Executive Assitant Nolen Schultz '20 Fitting in at Phi Kappa Theta Dan Ahern '85 Shares Lessons Learned in Iowa Xi Welcome, New Members n Noah Bloom '21 • Ankeny, Iowa n James Milder '21 • Winfield, Ill. n Sam Reyant '21 • New Prague, Minn. n Ethan Wagner '21 • Urbandale, Iowa Kitchen Upgrade Update W e'd like to give a special thanks to those of you who donated to the Kitchen Upgrade project. The new dishwasher will be installed once some minor plumbing repairs are completed this spring. Welcome, spring new members James Milder '21, Noah Bloom '21, and Sam Reyant '21. Ethan Wagner '21 not pictured. Executive Officers Mary Sue Kelley In memory of Peter G. Kelley '50 Thomas E. Bottin '66 Gregory E. Stein '85 Jerome J. Carpenter '88 Thomas G. Mercer '89 Gregory S. Marso '00

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