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Marlette Regional Hospital has embarked on a journey of excellence to move from good to great. This journey is called ∑3, which stands for ∑very Patient. ∑very Employee. ∑very Time. To help us navigate this journey, we have collaborated with Capstone Leadership Solutions to provide us with the education, coaching, tools, inspiration and encouragement to create excellence in patient experiences that exceed expectations, along with fostering and creating a work culture and environment of highly satisfied employees. Four employee-populated teams have been developed to facilitate our movement from good to great. These teams include: Patient Experience, Employee Experience, Nursing Team and Clinic Experience. A Steering Team oversees the facilitation of each team's purpose and practices that support the organization's journey to excellence. Our plan follows evidence-based nursing practices and high-performance work practices that will lead to standardized practices for each employee. An individual focus on what each employee can do to change themselves will in turn change our culture, so that as a result, ∑very patient gets excellent care, hospitality and satisfaction delivered by ∑very employee, ∑very time they choose MRH. Welcome to our 2018 Heartbeat edition! This issue is filled with some amazing information about our hospital, like renovations and new providers and services. The most amazing thing I would like to point out is the people who make this hospital work – our employees and volunteers. Without them, these amazing things would not happen. Our employees have embraced a new customer service delivery model we call ∑very Patient, ∑very Employee, ∑very Time (∑3). ∑3 holds that ∑very patient should expect the highest level of patient satisfaction from ∑very employee, ∑very time they choose our hospital for services. Yes, it is a very high goal – one that each of us would expect if we were a patient, so it's one that we promise to deliver to you! I also want to recognize our volunteers who donate to our hospital. Their time and money is making a significant and noticeable difference in our hospital. The renovations and services we are able to provide because of their support is truly amazing. Come check it out for yourself. We love to show off what they are doing! Finally, let me mention one last amazing thing. This past April, we were able to pay off our long-term debt eight years early. We are completely debt free! We have sacrificed for several years to reach this goal, and it's finally here. Out from under the principal and interest payments of that old debt, we are ready for the next big thing. How exciting! Thank you for your support and business. Yours in amazement, Dan Babcock, CEO MESSAGE FROM THE CEO Board of Directors After Marlette Regional Hospital (MRH) and McKenzie Health System (MHS) solidified an affiliation agreement in 2013, a comprehensive Board of Directors emerged retaining equal representation from both organizations. The following individuals serve our hospital and our communities to ensure that the hospital is used in the greatest interest of the people it serves: Daniel Babcock, MRH CEO Steve Barnett, MHS President/CEO Chris Clark, Chairperson Michael Dreyer, Vice Chairperson Sue Cook, Secretary/Treasurer Gail Denton Judy Ferguson William Halacoglu, DO, MRH Chief of Staff Glen Kampman Larry Mitchell Joan Nagelkirk Scott Orr Loraine Reish James Sams, MD, MHS Chief of Staff Al Stoutenburg Hospital Administrative Team Daniel Babcock, Chief Executive Officer Hilda Hebberd, Clinical Services Director James Singles, Chief Financial Officer Paners : IN OUR MISSION 2 | MRH HEARTBEAT ∑ 3 ∑very Patient • ∑very Employee • ∑very Time ∑ 3 ∑very Patient • ∑very Employee • ∑very Time CONTENTS: 2 .....MESSAGE FROM THE CEO 2 .....∑3 3 .....EXCEEDING YOUR EXPECTATIONS 4 .....NEW BIRTH CONTROL OPTIONS 4 .....MEET OUR NEW PROVIDERS 5 .....ONE PATIENT'S STORY 6 ..... COMMUNITY BENEFITS & SERVICE REPORT 7 .....PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE 8 .....FRIENDS OF MRH 8 .....CORNERSTONE SOCIETY 9 .....BUSINESS HONOR ROLL 2017 10 ...SENIOR LIVING, IN STYLE 11 .... B.C.U.P.S. PROGRAM GRANT FUNDS / #THOMASSTRONG

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