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Page 4 The North Carolina Mason May/June 2018 T h e m i s s i o n o f f r e e m a s o n r y i n n o r T h C a r o l i n a i s T o r a i s e T h e m o r a l , s o C i a l , i n T e l l e C T u a l , a n d s p i r i T u a l C o n s C i e n C e o f s o C i e T y b y T e a C h i n g T h e a n C i e n T a n d e n d u r i n g p h i l o s o p h i C a l TeneTs of broTherly love, relief, and TruTh, whiCh are expressed ouTwardly Through serviCe To god, family, CounTry, and self under The faTherhood of god wiThin The broTherhood of man. (USPS 598-260) is published bimonthly by e Grand Lodge of AF & AM of North Carolina, 2921 Glenwood Avenue, Raleigh, NC 27608. ird class postage paid at Oxford, NC 27565. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to e North Carolina Mason, School Of Graphic Arts, Masonic Home for Children, Oxford, NC 27565. Grand Master Speed Hallman Board Of Publication William Elliott Warnock (chairman) Adam Russell Cloninger Kenneth Wayne Lambert John R. Beamon III John S. Dodd Editor Beth Grace Good quality pictures are essential for suitable reproduction. e right to re- ject any submission not suitable for use is reserved. Pictures will be returned to the sender only if accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Email submissions are welcome; high resolution, unaltered JPGs and Rich Text Format documents are preferred. Submissions and other correspon- dence should be sent to the editor at 2921 Glenwood Avenue, Raleigh, NC 27608 or . Each North Carolina Mason is a subscriber to e North Carolina Mason. If you know a member who is not receiving the paper, please send us his full name, his complete address, and the name and number of his lodge. Masonic widows receive e Mason free upon request. Subscriptions are available to others at a rate of five dollars per year. Subscription inquiries and address changes only should be sent to: e School of Graphic Arts, Masonic Home for Children, 600 College Street, Oxford, North Carolina 27565. Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of The North Carolina Mason, the Grand Lodge, or Board of Publication. From the editor's desk Grand Master Speed Hallman ................................. Deputy Grand Master Dwight M. "Mack" Sigmon Senior Grand Warden P. Shaun Bradshaw ............ Junior Grand Warden R. David Wicker .................... Grand Treasurer Lewis R. Ledford (PGM) ............... Grand Secretary T. Walton Clapp III Senior Grand Deacon Larry B. ompson Jr. Junior Grand Deacon Kevan D. Frazier Grand Marshal Donald E. Kehler Grand Steward Robert W. Rideout ............................ Grand Steward Steve M. Norris ................................... Grand Tyler John W. Speed II Grand Chaplain James G. Jones Grand Lecturer Donald M. Helton Grand Historian Michael W. Brantley NORTH CAROLINA The Mason By Beth Grace Editor ■ see EDITOR, page 9 is just in: New rules and a big thank you! W ho doesn't love Facebook? OK, lots of folks don't … but within Masonry, we love what Facebook can do to help spread the word of events, ideas, news and good Masonic thoughts in general. But like Masons around the country and the world, we have learned that messages on Facebook are not always good, helpful, fair or even true. e Board of General Purposes earlier this year asked the Board of Publications to work with the Grand Lodge staff to take a look at our social media guidelines and update them to ensure that our communica- tions in real time were clear and fair. Turns out, we had no such guide- lines. But a check with jurisdictions elsewhere found that we were in the minority. Some states had long, tough rules; some had brief statements asking for brothers to be good to each other. is Grand Lodge opted for a middle road – a short, clear statement on Freemasonry followed by guidelines, patterned after those of the United Grand Lodge of England. You will find our new guidelines posted on all of our Facebook pages: Grand Lodge of North Carolina A.F. & A.M.; e North Carolina Mason page; and the North Carolina Masonic Foundation Page. You also will notice some changes in how the Grand Lodge page is now administered. Posts must be approved before they appear, and brothers seeking to join the page must provide their lodge name and number, to ensure that only Masons in good standing are permitted to join going forward. Here are the Grand Lodge of North Carolina's Social Media Guidelines: Every Freemason has a duty not to engage in conduct which is contrary to the law of the land. As a Freemason he also has a duty not to engage in activity which violates his obliga- tions or brings Freemasonry into disrepute. Consider this before you post: What if a candidate for Masonry read all of your social media posts before deciding to join? When posting on social media platforms, a Freemason must not: Produce, link to, or refer to any content that is illegal, defamatory, or purposely offensive; Cause or contribute to hostile or unpro- ductive arguments, or exercise any private piques or quarrels (that is to say, good-natured debate is fine, but be prepared to abandon the exchange if it ceases to be friendly); Discuss, allude to or post any photos of any of the Masonic Signs, Tokens, or Words, including photographs; Claim to speak for any Masonic body on whose behalf he is not expressly authorized to speak; Identify anyone else as a Free- mason without his explicit consent; Divulge personal information about any Freemason without his explicit consent, such as his address, telephone number, etc.; Attempt to use Masonic chan- nels as a vehicle for personal profit, or for any other form of self-promo- tion; Violate any provision of Chapter 86 of e Code, or any other part of Masonic Law; Disparage the Grand Lodge of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons of North Carolina, or any of its members or officers, or any other legitimate Masonic authority. Meanwhile …. I like to give credit where it's due. And it's due in a very big way to two of the most creative colleagues I've ever worked with. In this issue of e Mason is a story announcing that e Mason and the special "G" poster we produced for the NC Masonic Foundation have each won a national award for creative marketing. is is a true reward for all the work we have invested in creating the best newspaper for the Craft in North Carolina. It commends the strong support of and partnerships with the Board of Publications, Grand Lodge officers and staff, the NCMF Board of Directors and all the brothers out there who contribute news and story ideas. But these awards truly recognize the outstanding work of Brother John Pea of Gastonia #369, who does all of the layout and artistic design work in each issue of e Mason, and Photographer/Designer Melody McBride, a sister of the Eastern Star, who designed the

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