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May/June 2018 The North Carolina Mason Page 15 Welcome our neW Brothers Hall, Christopher Matthew 1 St John's Orrock, Nathan Michael 1 St John's Attzs, Leroy Cuthbert 8 Phoenix Blumer, Jory Daniel 8 Phoenix Neilsen, Marc Joseph 8 Phoenix Rice, Colby Scott 11 Caswell Brotherhood Prosseda, John Battista 19 Eagle Holan, Douglas Michael 32 Stokes Cleary, Jonathan Chance 45 Liberty Brinson, Joshua Michael 83 Lafayette Coggin, Ryan Wesley 85 Morning Star Cormier, Kevin Clark 97 Millbrook Keith, Dennis Kirk 97 Millbrook Brewer, Rodney Keith 98 Hiram Bass, Billy Bryan 114 St. Alban's Prevatte Jr, Jimmy Alton 114 St. Alban's Draper, David Aller 115 Holly Springs Alexander, Joshua Ross 118 Mt. Hermon Lynch, Gregory Lee 118 Mt. Hermon Short, Nicholas Hazelton 118 Mt. Hermon Wells, Hiram Michael 118 Mt. Hermon Christie, Charles O'Neil 123 Franklinton Herring, Andrew Garrett 125 Mill Creek Denning, Robert Allen 125 Mill Creek Leonard, John Tyler 128 Hanks Schultz, Erik Ernst 128 Hanks Fissel, Jeffrey Robert 176 Williams Johnstone, Jordan Daniel 181 Carthage McCarn II, John Michael 181 Carthage Robinson, Greg Franklin 181 Carthage Mayo, Randell Edward 191 Granite Freeman, Anthony Allen 198 Cary Campbell, Rondal Allen 217 Catawba Valley Simmons, Donald Aaron 229 Henderson Pully, William Arrington 230 Corinthian Nuss, Henry Edward 240 Wiccacon Sasser, Donald Clifton 240 Wiccacon Pribble, Jimmy Dan 259 Waynesville Stemmler, Freddie 262 Hibriten White, Jason Wesley 262 Hibriten Cronan, Michael Anthony 271 Tabasco Faircloth, Curtis Dean 282 Wake Forest Thuku, William Gichuhi 282 Wake Forest Pennington, Joshua Sheridan 289 Salem Klakken, Steven Earl 304 Pleasant Hill Lunceford, David Ray 363 Snow Messer, Clayton Michael 381 Forest City Walker, Nicklaus Adam 381 Forest City Wallenburg, Ronald Conrad 381 Forest City Durham, John Randall 384 Jefferson Penn Preble, Marvin Atwell 384 Jefferson Penn Baxley, Jason Walter 387 Kedron Poling, Weldon Lee 387 Kedron Espitia, Jesus 391 Lebanon Hall, Jeremiah Timothy 391 Lebanon Ostendorf, Robert Lee 391 Lebanon Merrill, Jacob Edward 397 Bald Creek Harvey, Jeffrey Wayne 405 Ocean Bradshaw, Graham Stone 428 Stokesdale Roche, James Michael 429 Seaside Caldwell, Adam Blake 431 Relief Neighbors, William Michael 431 Relief Norris, Leroy 431 Relief Neaves, Justin Michael 434 West Bend Dixon Jr, Donald David 463 Currituck Bassett, Jeffrey Dean 473 Lexington Memorial Cook, Roger Brian 473 Lexington Memorial Johnson III, Johnny Richard 473 Lexington Memorial Stepp IV, James Franklin 482 Polk County Unity Overbey, Gary Wayne 492 Thomas M. Holt Palmer, Billy Jason 493 Pilot Jones, Terry Wayne 515 Whetstone Adams, Chandler Steele 573 Mt. Pleasant Roberts, Bradley William 592 Maiden Sipe, Ryan Lee 592 Maiden Mayes, James Madison 616 Round Peak Roberts, Paul Lewis 616 Round Peak Baker, David Keith 626 Cannon Memorial Smith, James Carl 626 Cannon Memorial Clark, Gregory Eugene 654 Elberta Ruben, Aaron Mills 654 Elberta Evans, Joseph Peter 679 Creasy Proctor Miller, Ryan Thomas 680 Semper Fidelis Gardner, Jonathan Gray 691 Renfro Eagle, Joshua Eugene 695 Allen Graham Hilton Jr, Jeremy Scott 695 Allen Graham Cuthrell, Delma Douglas 706 Newport Corbett, Carl Edward 706 Newport Stuart, Jacob Blake 708 Crown Point Walters, Matthew Lee 708 Crown Point Wordsworth, Brice Alan 708 Crown Point Joyce, Stephen Lorimer 713 Stanley Cannupp Lowe, Justin William 715 Derita Boyd, Sidney Alexander 734 William Pitt Apple, Jonathan Brett 735 James B. Green Collins, Jonathan David 735 James B. Green O'Rear, Dwayne Joseph 737 Steele Creek Vaughan, Stephen Farris 737 Steele Creek Leinbach, Andrew Grayson 751 Old Town Cothran, Rodney Alan 759 James K. Polk Trexler, David Duane 767 Sophia New and noteworty ideas from lodges across the state Lodges around North Carolina have given dozens of bikes to well- read school kids – or have plans for bike presentations coming up – as part of the popular "Bikes for Books" program. e program, which has found a home in Masonic lodges around the country in the past couple of years, works like this: Kids agree to read at home for 20 minutes a day. Once they hit 500 minutes, their names go into a hat. By random draw from a hat, one student in each grade from kinder- garten through fifth grade wins a brand new bike, provided by the brethren of the local Masonic lodge. Among the North Carolina lodges around the state participating in the program, the lodges of the Masonic Center of Winston-Salem in May made some kids smile at South Fork Elementary School in Winston- Salem. Lodges participating included Salem #289, Piedmont- Pioneer #685, Forsyth #707 and Winston #167. Sponsoring the program locally is all about supporting community, something Masons love to do. "Someone asked me recently 'what do Masons do anyway? I know you do BBQs and you have an orphanage in Oxford and a retirement home in Greensboro, but do you do anything for the community?" said George Troxler, past master of Salem #289. "Any day you can give a child a reason to smile is a good day. Any day you can provide a lasting memory and let that child know about a brotherhood called Freemasons that really cares about them is a great day." At South Fork, each student received a new bike selected for its appeal to girl or boy, a new helmet and cable lock. At South Fork, with more than 600 students comprising 24 different cultures, the prize meant a lot to the student and the whole family, Troxler says. Parents often work two or three jobs and don't have time or the money to buy a new bike. Many of the kids are from war-torn countries, where they lost friends and family and came to this country with nothing. ey cherish what they get and being in a safe place to learn and grow. ey work very hard to improve. Interested in taking this on in your lodge? Troxler invites a call and he will happily share details. Contact him via the Masonic Center, 4537 Country Club Road, Winston- Salem, NC, 27104 or call (336) 722-6441. Making kids smile with Bikes for Books How do you reward kids for reading on their own time? Bikes for Books is a hit all over North Carolina!

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