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The Alpha-Phi Zeta's INSIDE Lambda Chi Alpha Members Exhibit Outstanding Work This Spring 2 Thank You, Loyal Alumni 3 Alumni News 3 Chapter Officers 4 Since 1917 Spring 2018 A s Alpha-Phi Zeta prepares for summer break, the alumni can reflect on a spring semester that has been both challenging and inspirational. We have grown and matured as Lambda Chis working toward a stron- ger brotherhood. As we enter our summer break, our new member recruiting efforts will concentrate on attracting elite young men who have shown academic achievement and leadership experi- ence. The undergraduate Chapter is developing a recruitment profile to use during recruitment to help Lambda Chi attract the very best and brightest associate member class possible. We will continue to build a brotherhood that will set the standard for excellence for Lambda Chi nationally and at the University of Alabama. Special thanks to brothers Butch Camp, AΦ888 and Roy Gregg, AΦ881 for their many contributions for our great Chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha. In Z.A.X. Wayne Keith, AΦ775 House Corporation President T im Vaughn, AΦ900 didn't realize it at the time, but Lambda Chi Alpha prepared him for life long after college. He also had no way of knowing that 30 years later his son, Eric, AΦ1366, would call that same place home. Both had similar experiences in that they gained lifelong friends and learned priceless lessons about themselves, but what drew them to Lambda Chi Alpha is where they differ. Eric came to U of A knowing he wanted to join a fraternity, while Tim wasn't initially sure. "I really didn't want to join a fraternity at first," Tim said. "However, one of my best friends from my hometown of Sylacauga, Gerald "Steve" Phillips, AΦ857, recruited me. Since I was, and still am, somewhat of an introvert, I thought it might be a good thing to do to get to know more people and help acclimate at the University. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I've made in my life." Like his dad, Eric also was able to meet so many more people through his Lambda Chi membership. "When attending a large university like Alabama, I think it's important to get involved in something you're passionate about, whether it be a fraternity, political organization, or student government, to fully experience university life," Eric said. "Through ΛΧΑ philanthropic work and academic and athletic organizations I met many different types of people. Lambda Chi Alpha has undoubtedly helped me to become a well-rounded person." In addition to the familial bond Eric shares with his dad, he has a strong bond with his cousin, Ryan Alcaino, Sigma-Chi Zeta, who inspired him to join ΛΧΑ. "Ryan joined Lambda Chi at UAB a year before I went through recruitment at U of A. It feels like fate that one of my closest friends—and cousin!— happened to choose the same fraternity. I have a stronger con- nection with my dad and Ryan because we share this mutual connection though brotherhood that has only continued to strengthen over time." Lambda Chi provided Tim and Eric confidence and a founda- tion to be successful after college. "I wouldn't be the person I am today without having been a Lambda Chi Alpha brother," Tim said. "I didn't realize it at the time, but I learned so much from my four years as a ΛΧΑ member, and while I haven't been as involved with the Chapter as I would have liked, now Alpha-Phi Zeta Plans for the Next Generation of Brothers Father. Son. Brother. Tim and Eric Vaughn on Their Lambda Chi Legacy Continued on page 2

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