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Prestige Promenade pearls and sweets

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62 www.thejewelrybook.com J E W E L E R S U N B L O C K E D I N S U R A N C E "Social Media has allowed businesses and jewelers to connect with their customers in a personal way, however, it has also caused unwanted exposures and additional risk factors that have ultimately lead to more strategically planned crimes, often highly aggressive, against jewelers," states president and CEO of Jewelers unBLOCKed™, Patricia Low. "The fi ne jewelry industry is inherently a risky business and it's always been that way. Over the past few years we've not only seen an increase in crimes, but a surge of violent crimes." As the upcoming Las Vegas trade shows are approaching, Jewelers unBLOCKed™ has provided some excellent safety tips and reminders to help keep our industry alert, aware and hopefully this will prevent unwanted circumstances. Day-to-Day Tips: • Change alarm codes often, especially when there are staff changes or employees resign/leave the company. • Make sure to always have an ambush alarm code in place in the event of a robbery. This will allow you to notify authori- ties by appearing as though you are dismantling the alarm. • Become less predictable - take different routes to work, rotate cars frequently, and vary your work schedule and change locations of daily tasks like getting coffee or going to the bank. • Always have personal awareness - look around and keep your radar on for unusual and suspicious people. If you suspect you are being followed drive to a police station immediately. • Take self-defense classes at least once a year and we encour- age staff to do the same and/or offer safety workshops from local authorities for your employees' quarterly or bi-annually. Trade Show Tips: • Don't tell strangers and people you don't know on a per- sonal level that you are a jeweler or in town for jewelry busi- ness. It's recommend you say sales, marketing or anything unrelated to jewelry. • Only wear your badges at the show. Do not walk outside the show fl oor with your badge on. You become a walking target. • When booking hotel reservations, ensure that the hotel requires a key card to get between fl oors and also that there is a guard that checks hotel cards in the evening. In addition, make sure the hotel room is not exposed like atrium styled hotels. • Ship goods to the show; do not carry jewelry to a trade show. Public Exposure: • Do not "check-in" at places or post your business or vacation trip plans re: trade shows, trunk shows, etc. on any Social Media platforms to which you subscribe. This is inviting criminals to your home or store. • Do not mention anything on Social Media that tells the public anything about your personal life. • Make sure all of the home addresses and phone num- bers of yourself and your staff are unlisted. Never have jewelry related mails be sent to your home address, and have mail sent to a store, offi ce or P.O. address. • If you have signifi cant press exposure or visibility in the community, take extra precautions like hiring a per- sonal bodyguard and driver and know that all associa- tion and exposure relating to your jewelry business makes you a stronger target for criminals. General Tips: • Trust your instincts, if you feel you are being watch or followed, you probably are - drive to a police station and/ or contact authorities. • As a jeweler you have a risky job, be aware of your surroundings and try to take all precautions to protect yourself, your staff and your business from senseless crimes. "Take personal safety precautions. If you and your employees are safe, your business and home will be as well. The most impor- tant thing is to return safely to your family every night," concludes Patricia Low. About Jewelers unBLOCKed™ Jewelers unBLOCKed™, offered by CED 1976 LLC, is the national exclusive Managing General Underwriter for multina- tional A++ rated insurance companies in the jewelers block and luxury space. JUB provides proprietary customized insurance coverage to meet the challenges of the jewelry industry. Solutions are developed for retailers, designers, wholesalers, manufacturers and refiners. Our services include the underwriting and issuance of industry leading jewelers block policies. In addition Jewelers unBLOCKed™ also pro- vides bespoke insurance programs for the private client and collector. For more information, please visit www.jewelers-unblocked.com. Safety First By Patricia K. Low President/CEO Jewelers unBLOCKed TM •

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