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ED Magazine May 2018 11 theEDPub.com The brand new site offers fast- paced news, updates and feature-length stories designed for today's smart-phone-driven world. For club owners, industry pros, club staff, entertainers and fans alike, theEDPub.com is the one site that covers the entire strip club industry. With theEDPub.com, it's everything you—and your customers—want all in one place! Being that this is a new venture, the staff at ED Publications is well aware of the fact it will take time to gain new traffic to TheEDPub.com, especially when it comes to the fans of the industry. But with the ED Awards' online pre-nomination and final ballots coming in May and June 2018—which annually bring in hundreds of thousands of site visitors each week during the voting process—high-impact exposure for the TheEDPub.com to the fans is on the immediate horizon. And with a core audience of adult nightclub industry professionals who are already very familiar with ED Publications, the magazine and the EXPO, it's understandable why the site's traffic has had impressive numbers right out of the gate. "We really have to tip our caps to a few people specifically: Jake Record, Kevin Pennington and DJ Platypus—for being the driving forces behind designing this new site and getting it off the ground," says Manack. "We've known for a very long time that we needed to have a much stronger internet presence, and we feel confident that this site will be all things to all people, whether you're an industry pro or someone who is interested in this business. As 'The Pub' tagline says, ED is 'the trusted source for the strip club industry since 1991,' and we wanted our web presence to reflect our position within this industry. And now, with TheEDPub.com, it will." In addition to showcasing current, top industry-related stories and a wealth of top articles from ED Magazine, TheEDpub will have profiles on industry personalities, club event coverage from across the country, blogs from ED staffers and other industry pros, a bartender's guide, tutorial videos and much more. "The site will evolve as we receive input from users as to which topics and features they enjoy the most and find the greatest value in," adds Manack. "We at ED Publications are all excited for our new creative outlet and look forward to this new site's evolution!" Visit and bookmark www.theEDPub.com today! And for more information, email dave@edpublications.com. "We're the national hub of information for industry pros, but now 'The Pub' will be the hub for club customers as well. This allows us to promote clubs, club events and feature entertainer bookings directly to the fans who the clubs are trying to attract. And with Facebook banning anything 'adult' related and reducing the visibility of 'business' pages, adult nightclubs need all the help they can get to market themselves online." —ED Marketing Director Kristofer Kay EXAMPLE: This is entertainer Reya Sunshine. Reya is featured on theEDPub. com website, and is helping to promote our site and its content. Reya has 1.5 million— yes, that's million—Instagram followers. And that's just one of the many entertainers being featured on The Pub, one of many who can help promote our—and, possibly, your—content.

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