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THe Delta messenger A PUBLICATION FOR ALUMNI OF DELTA H ALPHA GAMMA RHO SPRING 2018 $2.5 Million Campaign Announced for Delta Chapter S ince the founding of the Delta Chapter in 1911, Alpha Gamma Rho has been a strong fraternity at Purdue University. While the strong brotherhood of Delta Chapter is more than the bricks and mortar of the chapter house, our home undoubtedly plays a significant role in sustaining our chapter. Our chapter house is where we lived, where we worked, and where we became men. It fostered a support system that provided a lifetime of friendships, contacts, learning experiences, and simply great memories. We all gained from our brotherhood, and many of us can say it helped form who we are today. As the chapter continues to grow, and the chapter house continues to age, it has become apparent that the corporation needs to upgrade our home. These will be the first major improvements to the facility in over 30 years. In its current state, the house does not meet the needs of today's members and places Delta Chapter at a disadvantage, especially when competing with other fraternities that have renovated or built new houses. This renovation was driven by the goal of creating the most student-centric Greek house at Purdue. With our focus on making Delta Chapter the best fraternity, we now adjust our focus to making 607 N. University a premier fraternity house at Purdue. A Necessary Undertaking The corporation board of Delta Chapter began exploring different plans during the past two years and developed a solid strategy that allows for the long-term viability of both Delta Chapter and our chapter house. We must continue to show the value proposition for Greek living and a modern, comfortable, academically centered facility is one component of that. To this end, we engaged architects, contractors, and consultants to develop First Floor The first floor will become a showcase of AGR's rich history and tradition at Purdue with spaces repurposed to fit the needs and uses of undergraduates while maintaining a welcoming feel for alumni, parents and friends. A special space will be dedicated to the legacy of prominent AGR Delta alumni. Second- and Third-Floor Highlights n Enhance academic and study spaces for individual and group study with white boards, upgraded electrical, and connectivity capabilities n Add private study lounges n Install HVAC system n Gut and remodel living spaces to provide suites for two, four, five, six, and eight men for study and personal space n Remodel bath and showers with new and modern finishes n Refresh and remodel cold dorms to accommodate modern electrical needs plans and fundraising goals. Their hard work produced a plan to look toward the future and provide Delta Chapter with first-class facilities through a complete renovation of the old chapter house. The capacity of the house will remain the same at 82, but creates flexibility in room options and larger living spaces for the brothers to gather. We know that it is time spent with brothers that makes the fraternal experience and we want to design a house that encourages that. The changes will better reflect the way students study and create space for more group meetings, group studying, and peer tutoring. The design respects the heritage of the first floor and modernizes the public areas, while renovating the living areas to reflect modern living expectations. In addition, many functionally obsolete areas will be renovated to be more appealing and efficient. Take a look to the right for more comprehensive plans of the chapter house. How You Can Help The alumni who came before us provided the tradition that each of us built upon. We were given the opportunity to join Alpha Gamma Rho and be a part of a special brotherhood and tradition. Those of us who enjoyed the brotherhood, camaraderie, and support of Delta Chapter owe a debt of gratitude for that unique experience. Now is the time to join us and provide the same wonderful experience to a new generation of Delta brothers at Purdue. Early commitments from 79 contributors now total more than $1,602,595, and we seek additional support from dedicated and loyal brothers to reach our $2.5 million fundraising goal. In the coming weeks, you will receive additional information detailing the project and the ways in which you can help. We hope you will join our growing list of supporters who wish to ensure the lasting impact of the Alpha Gamma Rho experience on the lives of young men attending Purdue. Fraternally, Tony Hahn '95 House Corporation President (317) 938-2422 Chapter House Renovation Highlights INVESTING IN BETTER MEN...THE CAMPAIGN FOR DELTA

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