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Thursday, March 22, 2018 Goldsboro News-Argus — 7 Chip Phillips, Goldsboro Builders Supply salesman, is shown with one of the vinyl window models on display in the showroom on Patetown Road. Consumers can select from custom designs when choosing new windows for a home. Goss Kendall, Goldsboro Builders Supply salesman, shows some of the features of a wood-framed window inside the showroom. Double-paned windows offer added insulation, and can reduce energy loss. Windows Today's homeowners have newer styles and more efficient models from which to choose. By ROCHELLE MOORE rmoore@newsargus.com Spring weather typically leads to sprucing up a home — inside and out — and decisions about larger home improvement projects. Replacing old windows with new is an investment, which comes down to a decision on whether to replace aging windows or to update the look of a home, said Chip Phillips with Goldsboro Builders Supply. "Something that was popular 30 years ago when hous- es were built is not popular today," Phillips said. "I guess it's really (about) the overall look of the house and trying to update the house." Windows are typically replaced when signs of age are apparent, such as rust or rotted wood, or when they become difficult to open and close. Some homeowners may also notice cold air drafts around a window, leading to questions about energy efficiency. "Some windows might just become outdated and inop- erable," Phillips said. "It's different for different cus- tomers." There are several things to consider before making a decision on a window replacement project. Consumers need to identify a budget, choose between wood-framed or vinyl windows and make sure window measurements are accurate before installation. Homeowners can hire a local company or skilled labor- er to complete the project. Some people complete their own replacements, which is more uncommon today, Phillips said. Goldsboro Builders Supply handles window installation projects in the Wayne Coun- ty area, and also sells replacement windows in its show- room at 701 Patetown Road. The store offers a variety of windows, with customers more frequently selecting vinyl. Several wood-framed models are also available. "Wood, it's in the market, but it's not like it used to be," said Eddie Ramirez, Goldsboro Builders Supply sales- man. "There's only like two vendors that have it." Vinyl windows come in a variety of colors, including white, beige, tan and almond, he said. "There's so many options out there right now," Ramirez said. The cost to replace windows on a home can start at nearly $5,000, due to variations in the type of materials used, labor cost and the location of the home, Phillips said. "It is safe to assume that most homeowners will not escape a whole-house window replacement for less than $5,000," Phillips said. Consumers need to determine what's important, such as deciding if the windows are out of style, if increased energy efficiency is a goal and whether there is damage to existing windows. Wood windows can offer a classic charm to a home and allow for painting or staining, unlike vinyl, Phillips said. The windows are wood on the inside and covered with extruded aluminum, PVC or fiberglass. "The point of wood windows is usually to keep the inte- rior natural or stained, with sealer on top, thus keeping the wood grain visible," Phillips said. Maintaining wood-framed windows can be an ongoing task, while vinyl takes less time for upkeep, he said. "Vinyl windows never chip, peel, crack or rot, so they're virtually maintenance free," Phillips said. "Vinyl win- dows are easier to install, if you plan to install your replacement windows yourself." Replacement windows can also offer some energy effi- ciency benefits, if they are double or triple-paned. The windows contain a gas, such as argon, between the panes, which helps with insulation and reduces energy loss, Phillips said. Measuring windows before installation is key, Phillips said. "Knowing the exact size of the window that needs to be replaced is crucial when ordering replacements," he said. "Even an energy efficient window will fail if not installed properly." Having a professional handle the measurements and installation can help homeowners avoid problems, Phillips said. Goldsboro Builders Supply can complete a whole-house window installation project in one to two days. Homeowners that want to replace one or two windows at a time can do so, as opposed a full-house replacement. "Primarily, you do see people replace them all," Phillips said. Some homeowners, when they find a damaged window, tend to replace all windows in an effort to keep the look uniform, Ramirez said. During a window replacement project, window flashing can be added as an extra precaution to reduce the chance of water leaks, Phillips said. Another change to consider is replacing window trim inside the home to offer a fresh, new look. As with any large home improvement project, one of the benefits is increasing the value of the property. "It will add some value to your home," Phillips said. "It will make your home more energy efficient." Photos by ROCHELLE MOORE

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