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ALPHA GAMMA RHO 3 The Delta Messenger Undergraduates Give to Future of Delta Chapter Members Pledge $100,000 to The Campaign for Delta C hapter President Zane Gottschalk '15, along with the rest of the brothers living in the chapter facility, are thankful to see AGR where it is today. Members know that the growth, devel- opment, and success of a chapter is not possible without the help of influential and dedicated alumni who spend their time giving back to Delta Chapter. Members of Delta Chapter have witnessed the generosity of their alum- ni through their financial and time commitments to AGR. Alumni have donated toward several scholarships in the chapter, helping students continue their education with less debt, and have provided strong rec- ommendations to keep Delta Chapter on top of strong recruits. Seeing the commitment of Delta Chapter alumni to the active chap- ter inspired the undergraduates. Zane and others knew that giving back to Delta Chapter meant building a future for Alpha Gamma Rho. This is why he and the rest of the undergraduate members have pledged $100,000 to Investing in Better Men…The Campaign for Delta. "The active members wanted to be involved because of the respect and reverence we have for the chapter house. For many members, this is a home away from home that has led to many friendships and great memories that could not be replicated anywhere else," Zane says. "We wanted to give back to the fraternity that has given us so much and help sustain the chapter so future generations can enjoy the same opportuni- ties that we've had." With the undergraduate involvement in the campaign, Zane hopes that this can set a precedent to current and future members that the chapter facility is not something to take for granted. Zane acknowledges that living in the chapter facility is a privilege. "I also hope that when it comes time for another renovation of the chap- ter house, those members will look back on our contribution and how it affected them and support the project in the same way we have." The members of AGR are prepared to leave a legacy and give back to something greater than themselves. "I feel privileged to be able to give back and hope to continue giving throughout my career once I have left campus." Zane hopes the monetary commitment makes a difference for Delta Chapter. "I hope it shows the community and our alumni that we are dedicated to improving the chapter house. I hope our commitment is used for its purpose and that Alpha Gamma Rho can continue to make better men for future generations." Undergraduates at 2018 Founders Day. T he Delta Chapter of Alpha Gamma Rho at Purdue University con- sists of 99 active members, 70 of which are living in the chapter house. Academically, last spring semester was very productive for the chapter as we produced a cumulative member GPA of 3.2. The Purdue all-fraternity average for the same semester was a 2.95, significantly lower than the mark achieved by the men of Alpha Gamma Rho. Grades have not been officially released yet from the university for the fall 2017 semester, but the fraternity is expecting another great semester. Strong Leadership________________________________ Throughout the fall semester, the fraternity participated in many clubs across campus, as well as led various organizations, including the Purdue Agricultural Honor Society, Purdue Agricultural Council, Gimlet, College of Agriculture Ambassadors, Grand Prix Board, Cattlemen's Club, and Mortar Board. Members have held various positions such as treasurer, sec- retary, event coordinators and committee chair. The fall also gave Alpha Gamma Rho the opportunity to participate in multiple philanthropy events. These events included the start of fundraising for the BMOC breast can- cer awareness competition, Chi Omega's Taste of Purdue, and Alpha Chi Omega's Grill Off. Spring Events____________________________________ Transitioning to the spring, the Delta Chapter has a busy schedule lined up. The annual AGR Preview Show was held at the Tippecanoe Country Fair Grounds on February 9-11. The Steer Show committee worked very hard to raise money for the show, as well as to set up for this event. We think it was one of the best yet! Founder's Day for Delta Chapter was held on February 24 and Brian Cardinal, 2011 NBA champion of the Dallas Mavericks, was the keynote speaker at the event. Mom's Day and the fraternity's annual philanthropy, the Sandy Slam Volleyball Tournament, which raises money Delta Chapter Off to a Busy Spring Semester AGR Remains Involved in On-Campus Organizations (Continued on page 4)

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