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ED Magazine March 2018 29 www.theEDexpo.com "The great thing about our 'entertainer check-in' is that it gives clubs the power to validate their entertainers," McLeroy adds. As he explains it, once a venue "validates" the entertainers that dance at their location, when they come in the club to dance that night, they can automatically be checked in or they can put on their geolocation themselves. This shows how many entertainers and which entertainers are in the venue at any given time. "You have nine girls come in, when they come in and they all have their page for the app on, when a guest goes to the map, it'll show you have nine entertainers checked in," McLeroy says. Swain adds this emphasis on the entertainers was a purposeful design. "The biggest seller in our industry is the entertainers," Swain says. "With this app, we're allowing them to become the best guerilla marketers ever. We're giving them the tool to now 'validate' themselves and make themselves not just your typical, average, run-of-the-mill entertainer. She can use it almost as a business card." To be clear, a venue has its own profile and entertainers have their own profile pages. Once a venue has an entertainer validated, when a venue posts any kind of promotion, photo, information or discount, these posts are automatically posted to the validated entertainers' timelines. If a venue has 50 validated entertainers, that's essentially an in-house promotional team without the team even having to lift a finger. Social marketing and in-app revenue On the app, the entertainers have the power to post their photos and videos and live stream. The social media aspect of StripClubKing is pulsatingly evident when a guest can go on the app's map and by looking at the clubs, see how popular a club is by the amount of entertainers checking in. Similar to checking in on Facebook, entertainers can check in on StripClubKing and let their followers know where they are. "Entertainers are still going to be taking their photos and posting their videos like they would be doing on Instagram or Snapchat," says McLeroy, noting that entertainers are also allowed to be tipped on the app via its e-commerce-based tipping called "Bills." "Now, they can post their pictures and videos and get tipped on our app just for posting." For those club owners (or especially entertainers) leery of sharing so much information via an app, StripClubKing has done its best to address these concerns. "Every problem that came up at the 'five-inch marketing' (social media) seminar at last year's EXPO, we feel as if we have solved," McLeroy says. One GM, for example, brought up the point of having an entertainer who would rather keep her identity private. McLeroy and his team responded by creating an avatar depicting the entertainer who values privacy. StripClubKing also has a built-in function to prevent users from taking screenshots of entertainers' pictures, though an entertainer can put a price on her photos if she chooses. "Anything shared from our app to any other app, there will be a StripClubKing watermark on the photo, ensuring the entertainer's photograph can't be used without permission for any other advertising content," McLeroy says. Not only that, but the watermark also serves as a promotion for the app so people have to get the original. "I still want the venues to recognize this is a 24-hour-a-day marketing tool," McLeroy says. "It does not stop marketing for them. We've made this app specifically for the needs of the gentlemen's club industry and we encourage club owners and entertainers to see what we have to offer." For more information, venue registration and entertainer user name reservation, go to Stripclubking. com or call (800) 787-5464. Launching in Summer 2018!

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