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A L P H A C H I C H A P T E R 3 17 NEW BROTHERS INITIATED Alpha Chi Thrives Through Philanthropy and Strong Academics A s we begin 2018, we move forward into a new year of oppor- tunity to learn and grow as a chapter. Since we have rechar- tered, we have never been in such a great platform to do so. Over $5,000 Raised for SeriousFun This past semester, we continued our strong academics by beating the all-men's university GPA for every semester since the chapter was brought back. Our associate members also posted the third-highest GPA of all the fraternities on campus. In the fall semester, we hosted our annual Haunted Trail philanthropy event. During one night of this event, we were able to raise more than $5,000 for our national philan- thropy, SeriousFun. 17 New Members Initiated On February 10, we initiated 17 new brothers into Alpha Chi Chapter. This was the single-largest initiation ceremony since we have moved to an on-campus location. These new members have been essential to the happenings of the chapter. As brothers, we've made giving back to the community a focus. We have recently worked with the Salvation Army, having the chapter volunteer over two hours together, as well as having many members mentoring the disabled through the AC- CESS Program and the underprivileged through the Brickfire Project. Thank You, Alumni and Parents Lastly, but certainly not least, I would like to thank the tireless work of our alumni and parents. To alumni, I cannot stress how much your involvement has been crucial to the sustained growth of our chapter. Without your contributions, I wouldn't even know where we would be as a chapter. To the parents, I would like to say thank you for supporting our members tirelessly through the ups and downs of our undergraduate lives. That emotional support means more than words can articulate. Stop By and See Us! I hope that you all feel welcome to come in and say hello if you are ever in Starkville. We would love to see you all. Hailstate! Fraternally, John Wiggins '17 President (845) 893-5140 Fraternal Bonds Never Fade The Relationships That Keep David Rice '72 Connected to Alpha Chi B efore coming to Mississippi State Uni- versity, David Rice '72 did not know a single person. It was Phi Tau members who he met that made him want to be a part of the brotherhood. "I discovered a group of guys with whom I had common interests and bonds were formed," David shared. "Many of those bonds remain strong to this day." David earned his bachelor's degree in zool- ogy, and afterwards attended dental school at the University of Alabama. He is still a practicing dentist in Laurel, Mississippi. "I knew early on that I wanted to be a health provider. I found a like-minded group of brothers in the fraternity that challenged me to excel in academics and remain focused on my goals," he said. Through his Phi Tau experience, David was not only able to accomplish his dreams, but sustain lifelong friendships along the way. Having had a chance to reflect on his friendships, David advises current members to preserve meaningful relationships throughout their own fra- ternity experience and beyond. "Surround yourself with good people and stay engaged. Have a dream, set a goal, and work hard to achieve it, even when obstacles get in the way," he said. This is one of the most important reasons David has remained connected to the fraternity and committed to seeing Alpha Chi's future successes. The Embracing Your Alpha Chi Legacy campaign has revived hope for the future of the chapter and spurred reconnections for many. For David, the campaign has become a rallying point as well. He shared, "I wanted to con- tribute to a project that will provide a place to encourage new friendships and revive old ones." Some of his favorite memories remain the late-night study group sessions and intramural sports. Perhaps the greatest was the time when his wife, Cindy, literally walked into his life while studying for finals with fraternity brothers. Now, they have two sons, one daughter, and three grandchildren. David recalled, "Those years and relationships formed contributed in a large way to the life I have today." You can connect with David at The fall 2017 associate class. WELCOME, NEW BROTHERS Hayden Adcock Madison, Miss. Hayden Anderson Ocean Springs, Miss. David Banks Brandon, Miss. Max Bruce Clarksdale, Miss. Drew Fletcher Ocean Springs, Miss. Will Frye Ocean Springs, Miss. Joseph Lum Southaven, Miss. Andresfilipe Perez Southampton, N.Y.

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