Maxwell Center Grand Opening

Maxwell Center - Grand Opening

Goldsboro News Argus Maxwell Regional Agricultural and Convention Center Grand Opening

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Louis Maxwell and Gordon Maxwell families. Louis Maxwell Jr., the company board chairman, died in 2016 at the age of 89. Gordon Maxwell III currently serves as a principal officer of the company. "Goldsboro Milling Co. was founded by Mr. Louis and Gordon's grandfather in 1916, with the creation of a small bag feed mill located off of Center Street in downtown Goldsboro," said Yusef Ewais, the company's human resources director. "In short, that is how Goldsboro Milling began, from a small bag feed mill making cornmeal and grits, to present-day large scale bulk feed for their hog and turkey enterprise." Louis Maxwell Jr. came to work at the mill on Center Street in April 1950, Ewais said. "In the early stages, Mr. Louis worked as a feed salesmen and convinced the family to diversify the business by adding turkeys to their lineup, a natural transition from their existing business." Louis Maxwell Jr. quickly connected with people in the industry and spearheaded the company's startup in turkey production by the late 1950s. Hugh "Gordon" Maxwell III joined the company on Feb. 1, 1962, and shortly after helped develop a plan to build a turkey hatchery and a new feed mill outside of Goldsboro in the New Hope community, the company's present-day headquarters. In the 1980s, Louis Maxwell Jr. and Gordon Maxwell III had decided that the company needed to have a turkey processing plant to continue growing the business and become a full integrator. During the same time, Walter Pelletier (Gordon Maxwell's son-in-law), John Pike (Louis Maxwell Jr.'s nephew) and Jim Maxwell (Louis Maxwell Jr.'s son) all became involved in the family business. Carolina Turkeys, located just east of Mount Olive in Duplin County, was added to Goldsboro Milling in 1986. When the plant was completed, it was considered one the largest turkey plants in the United States. Butterball LLC was acquired in 2006, fully integrated with the partnership of Seaboard Foods. Today, Butterball has revenue exceeding $1.8 billion annually with more than 6,000 associates in North Carolina, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois and several other states. In 1989 the business further diversified. Maxwell Foods was established with a focus into the swine industry. The business experienced significant growth, making Maxwell Foods the 11th largest hog producer. In 2006, the company expanded its operations into Indiana with its own feed mill, as well as farm integration. Presently, Maxwell Foods is a top integrator in the swine industry and one of the largest employers in Wayne County with more than 900 associates and a vast network of growers. It produces more than 2 million hogs annually. "It is impressive to see the various facets of our business, but one thing that hasn't been lost through the generations is the importance the family puts on its employees," Ewais said. "They see employees as part of the family, employee turnover and retention is reflected with some of the lowest rates in the industry and 40-plus year retention is a norm." Sunday, February 25, 2018 Goldsboro News-Argus ---- 13 HOG FARMS, INC. HOG FARMS, INC. would like to Congratulate MAXWELL CENTER on your GRAND OPENING! 29DSP0218J© 9 19. 8 2 8 . 2 3 0 1 | H H - A R C H . C O M 9 1 9. 8 2 8 . 2 3 0 1 | H H - A R C H . C O M HH Architecture is a full service design firm focused on creating spaces that promote learning, wellness, and recreation. We are committed to improving the community through conscientious, responsible design. A G R I C U LT U R A L E X P E R I E N C E Agricultural Sciences Center | Motor Fuels Lab Study | State Fair Heritage Circle Tobacco Auctioning Center | Governor James G. Martin Building | DuPont State Forest Master Plan | Old Health Building Renovation | State Fairgrounds Master Plan | Regional Agricultural Center Farmer's Market | Dairy Museum Renovation | NCSU Bee Lab Feasibility Study | Environmental and Agricultural Center W E A R E P R O U D T O B E T H E A R C H I T E C T S O F T H E M A X W E L L A G R I C U LT U R A L & C O N V E N T I O N C E N T E R IN THE NAME OF THE FAMILY Continued from Page 8

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