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The Greater Neuse FCA serves student-athletes in Wayne, Greene and Lenoir counties — and though their personalities are as varied as their histories, they have the same purpose — to listen, to help, to provide a bright spot of hope. GENTLEMEN T he Starbucks on Wayne Memorial Drive, folded in a teeming square of chain-retail flash, is a popular haunt for Goldsboro's working rank-and- file. Some enter in scrubs, well-timed and determined, destined for some- thing significant. Oth- ers are clad in fatigues, yoga pants and scarfs that resemble throw blankets — each huffy and puffy and late-looking in their own way. People are busy, clearly. Then there are others, shrouded in part by stacks of paper on top of stacks of paper, working behind laptop screens adorned with apples. As drum-marching goes, this set appears more likely to prefer a little less Lars Ulrich, and a lot more Jimmy Witherspoon. People are nonplussed, clearly. Then there is Will Collins, the 32-year old area director of the Greater Neuse Fellowship of Christian Athletes, sitting alone in the middle of it all. Waiting for people, he explains. Specifically, the new guy and the decade, who he hopes will be along in short order. The baller won't be available until the afternoon, and the mis- sionary, well — he just kind of shows up. THE NEW GUY Luke Davis is the new guy, bearded and rail- thin and at 27, the pastor of Stoney Creek Church. Articulate and friendly, his words ring with confi- dence. After just a few minutes, one gathers the impression that he could, in all likelihood, make friends during an armed home inva- sion. God-guys are redemp- tive that way. But he's also the guy who was worried 12 months ago, extremely worried, about becoming a part of Collins' fellowship tour de force, because for all of his knowledge of the good book — and the time he spent sharing it — he did not, like most of Wayne County, work through his childhood shagging fly balls in a high-noon sun. After all, he thought, what possible good is an FCA leader who never really checked the athlete box? "I'm not a sports guy," Davis said recently. "So I just didn't feel like I could — I mean, I connect with students all the time — but the basis of con- versation is barely ever around sports… I didn't feel very adequate." Which is precisely where Collins intervened, lis- tening at first and then sharing a bit of fire-sale honesty with his friend — today's kids, regardless of their upbringing, need an inroad to spirituality just as much as they need an on-command, 12-6 curveball. So Davis began slowly, by degrees, attending baseball practice at Charles B. Aycock and speaking with interested team mem- bers about walking one thing in particular — the difficult, he- said-oh-no-she-didn't tightrope called adolescence. "We just talked about life," Davis recalled. "I shared my testi- mony with them the first time, and then after that… we just looked at the Bible together — and they had questions." Questions the new guy now answers now with no reservations, and with little emphasis on sports. "A lot of what they're interested in is relationships," Davis said of his work in the area. "At this age (teenage years), everybody knows your influences can make you or break you to some degree." Relationships. 12C — Goldsboro News-Argus Friday, February 23, 2018 Goldsboro Afghans & Wall Hangings Unique one of a kind pieces showcase places and events unique to Goldsboro and Wayne County. Created in North Carolina. Mon-Fri 10-5:30 Saturday 10-3 307 N. Spence Ave., Cobblestone Place 919-778-3668 Mementos of Goldsboro: 18DSP0218C© Also available: pottery, ornaments, key rings, postcards, spoons, thimbles and stone coasters depicting North Carolina, and Seymour Johnson Air Force Base. LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY The Fellowship of Christian Athletes leadership panel is photobombed by their families and pets as they gather on the front porch of Will Collins' home in Fremont. The Fellowship of Christian Athletes leadership panel sits on the porch of Will Collins' house. Pictured from left are Luke Davis, Will Collins, Asunji Maddox, Derek Limbaugh and Anthony Williams. Story by Justin Hayes Photos by Casey Mozingo Will Collins Luke Davis See Page 13 The Fellowship of Christian Athletes leadership panel gathers at Will Collins' home outside of Fremont. They talk about everything from playing against each other in high school to baseball uniforms of area teams.

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