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39 Personnel Active Duty Military 4,566 Reservists 1,214 Total Military 5,780 Appropriated Fund Civilians 648 Non-Appropriated Fund Civilians 240 AAFES 70 DeCA 51 Contract Civilians 5 Private Business 36 Total Civilian 1,050 Dependents 5,085 Total Personnel 11,915 Payroll Active Duty Military $288,548,678 Reservists $34,227,669 Total Military Pay $322,776,347 Appropriated Fund Civilians $73,815,380 Non-Appropriated Fund Civilians $8,573,776 AAFES $1,808,376 DeCA $3,040,950 Contract Civilians $281,208 Private Business $1,565,673 Total Civilian $89,085,363 Total Payroll $411,861,710 Local Expenditures Military Construction $2,828,173 O&M Construction (AD/Res) $83,876,062 Corvias Construction $1,699,170 NAF Construction $13,429,775 Utilities $5,755,884 Service Contracts (AD/Res/Corvias) $11,914,306 Educational Services $3,448,733 Contract Quarters/TDY Expenditures $10,285,037 Health/TRICARE $28,793,954 Local Procurement - Other (AD/Res) $20,643,841 Total Local Expenditures $182,674,935 (919) 722-5700 | $705 MILLION IN ECONOMIC IMPACT (FY2016) Seymour Johnson AFB is fortunate to have its Goldsboro and Wayne County neighbors. The local community is critical to the success of the 4th FW mission and has been since the base opened in 1942. The strong partnership between the base and surrounding area is evident with the new city motto, "Be More, Do More, Seymour, in Goldsboro, N.C." Team Seymour will continue to foster this mutually beneficial relationship. The base is actively involved in improving the quality of life for community members. Events such as the annual STARBASE week motivate rising 5th grade students to explore science, technology, engineering and math as they continue their education. Through STARBASE, students are encouraged to set goals and achieve them. Seymour Johnson AFB also offers a monthly tour program through the Goldsboro Wayne County Travel and Tourism, where community members speak to dedicated Airmen and get a first-hand look at how the base accomplishes its mission. The 4th FW was born from volunteers, and the Airmen today remain dedicated to volunteering in the community. If Wayne County has a need, Seymour Johnson Airmen want to help. The Airmen are eager to give back to a community filled with retirees and veterans who served before them, and a community so eager to serve the Air Force. (919) 722-5700 COMMUNITY FOCUSED Seymour-Johnson Air Force Base GOLDSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA 4,566 1,214 5,780 648 240 70 51 5 36 1,050 5,085 11,915 $288,548.678 $34,227,669 $322,776,347 $73,815,380 $8,573,776 $1,808,376 $3,040,950 $281,208 $1,565,673 $89,085,363 $411,861,710 $2,828,173 $83,876,062 $1,699,170 $13,429,775 $5,755,884 $11,914,306 $3,448,733 $10,285,037 $28,793,954 $20,643,841 $182,674,935

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