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Sunday, January 28, 2018 Goldsboro News-Argus — 20 • Engagement Rings • Wedding Bands • Bridal Jewelry • Wedding Attendant Gis 919.751.3899 920 N. Spence Ave., Goldsboro (Wal-Mart Shopping Center) CERTIFIED DEALER $ 50 00 Any customized wedding band or hand-made to fit engagement ring. OFF Men's Titanium & Tungsten Wedding Bands $ 49 as low as Stackable Wedding Bands Starting from $ 299 52DCT0118S© 919-936-8801 201 S. Center Street, Princeton Floral & Catering Service • Floral Arrangements in any style • Consultations to fit your schedule • Professional staff at your wedding • Cakes & full catering service • Personal attention When You're Ready to say F L O R I S T S ' TRAN S W O R LD D E L I V ER Y S ELEC TED M E M BE R ® Casey's We can help make sure your day is perfect! 76DCT0116D© 3 tips for couples considering Friday or Sunday weddings One of the ways couples can save a sizable amount of money on their weddings is to tie the knot on Friday or Sunday instead of hosting a more traditional Saturday afternoon or evening wedding. Wedding ceremony and reception venues may charge considerably less to host weddings on Fridays or Sundays. Reception venues tend to be the largest wedding expenses, so reducing those rates can go a long way toward helping couples stay within their budgets. 1. Avoid holiday weekends. Three-day holiday weekends may seem like the ideal time to host Friday or Sunday wed- dings, as guests likely already have Friday or Monday off from work. But the cost of travel and lodging may be much higher on holiday weekends than non-holiday weekends. That may compel some guests to decline their invitations. In addition, many families have holiday weekend traditions and it may be unfair for couples to ask them to interrupt or cancel those plans to attend their weddings. 2. Consider the timing. When hosting a Friday wedding, couples may want to start the ceremony later than they might if they were getting married on a Saturday. That's because out-of-town guests who don't want to use more than one vacation day to attend the wedding may be flying in on the day of the wedding. A later start time gives guests more flexibility when booking flights. Start- ing later also allows local guests to work a full day and still make it to the ceremony on time. Couples who opt for a Sunday wedding may want their ceremonies to start earlier than they would on Saturday to accommodate guests who need to go to work on Monday morning. 3. Confirm vendor availability. Wedding vendors are accustomed to working on Saturdays, when the vast majority of wed- dings take place. So couples should not simply assume a favorite deejay, band or catering company will be available to work their Friday or Sunday weddings. Couples who have par- ticular entertainers or caterers in mind should confirm the availability of these vendors before booking a wedding and reception facility. It's also important that couples getting married on Sundays confirm that hotel rooms will be clean and ready in time for their guests to make it to the ceremony. Many hotels host wedding parties on Fridays and Saturday nights, and some might not be able to turn rooms around in time to accommodate Sunday wedding par- ties.

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