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Sunday, January 28, 2018 Goldsboro News-Argus — 12 Pets play important roles in their ownersʼ lives and are increasingly included in more activities, such as vacations, dining out and even weddings. The National Association of Professional Pet Sitters says more couples are customizing their wedding celebrations and bridal parties to include pets. Dogs and cats are turning up in wedding photos as well as trips down the aisle. Some pets even serve as ring bearers. Before giving your pet a job for the wedding, consider his personality and temperament. How does the pet react around crowds? A dog or cat accustomed to a quiet home may behave differently when placed in a room full of excited people. In addition, confirm that pets are allowed inside your ceremony space. Certain venues may not allow animals that are not service dogs. Make sure to inform guests that an animal will be present, so those with allergies can take precautions. If it isnʼt practical to have animals in the ceremony, give them a primary spot in wedding or engagement photos. Did you know?

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