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January 13, 2018

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2 • January 13 - 19, 2018 • Goldsboro News Argus By Kat Mulligan TV Media A s you select the per- fect invitations and the song for your first dance, or slice into that beautifully overpriced wed- ding cake, you're likely not pondering the "D" word. Surrounded by love and happiness, the wedding day goes by so quickly that it can be a challenge to re- member how you got there in the first place. As the years pass, it can be harder still to remember why you've stayed. No one likes to talk about it, but marriages do end, and seldom do things go smoothly. Perhaps this is why "Divorce," with season 2 premiering Sunday, Jan. 14, on HBO, resonates deeply with so many of its viewers. The series first aired on Oct. 9, 2016, and its pilot episode quickly jumped into the often hush-hush topic of divorce with a generous touch of dry humor. Frances Dufresne (Sarah Jessica Parker, "Sex and the City") and her husband, Robert (Thomas Haden Church, "Sideways," 2004), have spent several years together, but Frances has grown to re- alize that their marriage isn't working and that she has fallen out of love with him. She wants a divorce. What follows, after the initial shock (and vomiting), is all too relatable for those who have experienced this life-altering event. Accusa- tions fly, discussions of af- fairs, both emotional and physical, abound, property is destroyed or discarded, and their children are caught somewhere in be- tween. When mediation isn't enough, Frances and Robert both acquire their own lawyers to ease the process, though it seems that they, along with well- meaning family and friends, further expand the divide between husband and wife, creating reluctant enemies out of once friends. A unique trait of the se- ries is the willingness to put divorce front and center — to have a subject often con- fined to whispered conver- sations and out of the public sphere thrust out into the open. For Parker, this was the series' great appeal. While discussing "Divorce" during AOL's Build Series, Parker reflected that while "there [are] lots of televi- sion shows about families and marriages" that are "very buoyant" and often "really cozy," there was a lack of shows willing to tackle divorce. Parker was interested in portraying this other, less joyous but equal- ly familiar aspect of modern life, as "all of us know somebody who has contem- plated divorce, been di- vorced, survived divorce ... divorce was their undoing." The need to have a show that would explore this, both dramatically and with a dash of necessary wit, was key for Parker, and why she had long championed the series, working toward seeing it realized for nearly four years prior to the start of its production. The season 1 finale of "Divorce" exemplified the pettiness that the pro- cess brings out in both parties. A decision by Frances and her lawyer, Elaine (J. Smith- Cameron, "Margaret," 2011), to freeze Robert's ac- cess to funds halts his ability to move forward with his own business pursuits, all while Frances celebrates the opening of her own dream: the Hudson River Contem- porary Gallery. Robert makes it up to her, however, by initially agreeing to let Frances take their children — Tom (Charlie Kilgore, "Moonrise Kingdom," 2012) and Lila (Sterling Jerins, "World War Z," 2013) — skiing during his week- end with them, only to call the police on her, ending the potential bliss of a getaway. It's no surprise then that season 2 establishes that the divorce has been made legal right from the start. The trailers emphasize the possibilities that lie ahead once the legal process has been finalized. Discussions of freedom and being able to pursue new relationships and experiences abound, but it isn't surprising for ei- ther Frances or Robert to re- alize that life isn't any less complicated. Trying to jug- gle being good parents while navigating the world of dating and learning to accept the changes in their own ways of relating with each other will provide much depth, insight and even hilarity as the season progresses. It's a poignant moment in the lives of the now di- vorced Dufresnes, a moment dreamed of in season 1 but now being actualized in sea- son 2. Parker also discussed this during her AOL Build talk, noting the pivotal words spoken by Frances in the series' pilot episode that are essentially a "fulcrum for the show." When speak- ing with Robert, Frances says: "I want to save my life while I still care about it" — a sentiment that Parker be- lieves speaks to all of us, as "we can all understand what it means to see a fu- ture and not know if you're going to be able to capture any of it." Season 2 of "Divorce" is all about Frances and Robert getting a chance to realize their possible futures in the most individual of senses. Their lives and the potential to realize dreams they may have suppressed or compro- mised on for the sake of their marriage now have a chance to become reality. A separation is never easy, and a divorce is perhaps the most socially awkward kind of separation. It's often mourned but seldom cele- brated. The end of a marriage is often treated like a death, but that is only because we fail to see the possibilities that come with the rebirth of these individuals who have now regained their auton- omy. Open your mind up to what could be and what comes after, when season 2 of "Divorce" premieres Sunday, Jan. 14, on HBO. Cover story CHANNEL GUIDE Time Warner... *ROGVERUR DISH Network Satellite DIRECTV (5) WRAL NBC Raleigh 5 5 5 (7) WITN NBC Washington 7 - - (9) WNCT CBS Greenville 9 - - (11) WTVD ABC Durham 11 11 11 (17)WNCN CBS Goldsboro 13 17 17 (22) WLFL CW Raleigh 12 22 22 (25) WUNK PBS Greenville 2 - - (28) WRDC MNT Raleigh 3 28 28 (30) WRAY IND Wilson 8 30 - (40) WUVC UNI Fayetteville 6 40 40 (47) WRPX ION 22 47 47 (50) WRAZ FOX Raleigh 4 50 50 (43) WHFL IND Goldsboro 21 - - A&E Arts & Entertainment 27 118 265 AMC American Movie Classics 38 130 254 ANPL Animal Planet 46 184 282 BET Black Entertainment TV 52 124 329 BRAVO BRAVO USA 72 129 237 CMT Country Music TV 69 166 327 CNBC CNBC USA 37 208 355 CNN Cable News Network 29 200 202 COM Comedy Central 36 107 249 DISC Discovery Channel 30 182 278 DISN Disney Channel 57 172 290 E! Entertainment Network 62 114 236 ESPN Entertainment & Sports 31 140 206 ESPN2 Entertainment & Sports 32 144 209 FREE FREEFORM 28 180 311 FIT Discovery Fit & Health 59 - 261 FOOD Food Network 60 110 231 FXN Fox News 58 205 360 FSN Fox Sports Carolinas 50 420 645 FX FX Network 71 136 248 GOLF Golf Channel 51 401 218 HALL Hallmark Channel 55 185 312 HGTV Home & Garden TV 68 112 229 HIST History Channel 56 120 269 LIFE Lifetime Network 33 108 252 LMN Lifetime Movie Network 47 109 253 MSNBC Microsoft/NBC News 45 209 356 MTV MTV USA 53 160 331 NBCSN NBC Sports Network 65 151 603 NGEO National Geographic 70 186 276 NICK Nickelodeon 43 170 299 OWN Oprah Whinfrey Network 35 189 279 SPIKE Spike TV 40 168 241 SYFY Science Fiction TV 49 122 244 TBS Turner Broadcast Network 34 139 247 TCM Turner Classic Movies 67 132 256 TLC The Learning Channel 39 183 280 TNT Turner Network TV 26 138 245 TOON Cartoon Network 64 176 296 TRUTV Tru TV 44 204 246 TVLAND Tv Land 54 106 304 USA USA Network 25 105 242 WE Women's Entertainment 61 128 260 WGN – A WGN America 23 239 307 Thomas Haden Church stars in "Divorce" Affordable Traditional & Non-Traditional Funerals Cremation Options • Pre-Need Planning Monument and Marker Sales Free Notary • On-Site Florist Life & Burial Insurance 1215 Royall Ave., Goldsboro • 919.731.7174 The Late Apostle Donnie McIntyre Founder Dignity & Resct Family Owned McInty Funeral Home & F lori Now Serving All Of Eastern NC 30DSP0717S© Established 1999

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