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23 E Obstetrics – Accepting new OB patients including Medicaid • 3D/4D Ultrasound E Gynecology – Pelvic Pain • Abnormal Bleeding • Family Planning • Menopause E Minimally Invasive Surgery – Davinci Robotics Hysterectomy • Hysteroscopy E Nutrition & Fitness Counseling Visit us on our website: www.goldsboroobgyn.com Joseph Flynn, DO Gregory Nichols, DO Glen Nowachek, MD Robert Thiele, DO Deborah Johnson, NP 92DCT1217J© 2608 Hospital Road, Goldsboro For Appointments Call 919-735-3464 For Every Woman Through Every Stage We Are Here For You For Every Woman Through Every Stage We Are Here For You I N C L U D E S © 2018 Merle Norman Cosmetics, Inc. purchase gift with t h ift h has g has has c rc rc rc u p f wit f wit ft ift T N N O I O I T F T L E S UR U O V T Y A RE R T A S A E V AV AV H T- T US U E M E M R A T C N C R I K S T N E N I N E V N O N C N C R I R I g O L O C t x D e l p m o g C in i g A h - i t n A r h C ff ff ff ff O l- l e e P P g in i y f i r r u r P r o l o c ip i L uid uid iq iq L t O L t O t O e e w Sw S x E t x E le l p m g Co g C n i g A - i t S An A N C S U D E U D E L t N C I se t se se G o E V A I T A VA V O N A G S N I Z A M D A D A N A S A ES E Z I L S L S E V AV AV R T T T T m . m u l S r e l S i y O y O r M x D k as M al al o c har har n Y u o n Y n Yo O am a e r e C e C y E FREE e M *FREE e M or mor o or mor f tw f tw t chase o with the pur om o cust cust ed- per er one one t Limit d . er ff o time ed- Limit it Limit e osmetic p e c osmetic ac osmetic ac oducts. C oducts. C r osmetic pr i orman c orman c e N e N Merl M particip participa t t a last last supp supplies supplies e ff l whil valid v er er ff Off . mer er e t included. ssories no ssories no orman N e erl erl M ing ti ting a e p ame tudio N S ess Addr umber hone N P ours usiness H B p o s o s t t t e the righ the righ serv eserv r e r os. W tudios. W osmet osmetic S C p p om merlenorman.com osmetic S orman C erle N M independently owned and operated since 1931. osmetics, I orman C erle N © 2018 M p p pp pp f gift. f gift. ts o ts o mponen omponen e individual c e individual c substi substitut merlenorman.com tudios have been osmetic S independently owned and operated since 1931. nc. osmetics, I g 413 N. Spence Ave., Goldsboro 27534 919.778.4357 • 919.778.8810 www.merlenormannailsnmore.com Merle Norman Nails-N-More B O OT H R E N TA L AVA I L A B L E N OW H I R I N G F O R S T Y L I S T A N D N A I L T E C H 13DSP1217S© you to sit down or stand up," Spiron said. "It's a good class because it'll give you cardio as well as strength training." There are a number of classes offered, from the high-adrenaline type to the low-key options to those who may be a little unsteady. The important thing to consider is being comfortable. "A lot of people are intimidated," Spiron said. "If you're nervous about getting started, there are so many things you can do — talk to the instructors, ask them questions. "There are no stupid questions. If you're not sure what you want to get started doing, just call and ask." From taking a walk around to playing a game of racquetball, to literally wading in gradually in the swimming pool, the Y offers individual options to group get-lost-in-a-crowd ways of tackling fitness. Whether it's for weight loss or simply improving health, stamina or strength, exercise is definite- ly the right path to accomplish that. Variety is especially important, the women say, to prevent burnout or boredom and to enhance the effectiveness of the program. Blending a combination of cardio and strength-based training and stretches all offer different benefits. "The strength training, a lot of people think they don't need it, but the reality is they need it. It helps with your bone density," Spiron said. "It's where you're going to see a lot of results as far as toning. It just really helps tone that body." Be aware of safety issues, too, though, Huneycutt suggests. That is especially important to remember for those new to a routine or haven't worked out in awhile. As we age, our body's change and some things may not be as comfortable or our body won't respond the way it once did. "Definitely start slow and if you have joint issues, maybe consider doing more pool stuff," she said. The staff is there to help with things like form, whether during class time or a personal training. Instructors also offer modifications to exercises. The main thing to remember is, you have to start somewhere and setting small, achievable goals are a step in the right direction. story continues on page 20 Sticking to it

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