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17 Reproduced models of several Da Vinci creations at Discovery Place's Da Vinci's Machines exhibit in Charlotte. Flying machines, armored cars and mechanical knights are just a few of the inventions displayed at the exhibit. The exhibition is split up into five interactive sections: • Flying Machines: In this section, guests can view machines such as gliders, parachutes and the aerial screw, often credited as the world's first helicopter. These inventions were kept secret during Da Vinci's time, as he could not share them for fear of ridicule. • War Machines: Da Vinci spent years under the patronage of Duke Ludovico Sforza, who commissioned da Vinci to invent new tech- nology for his war campaigns. A chariot with spinning scythe blades and an armored tank-like vehicle are among the inventions included here. • Nautical & Hydraulic Machines: Da Vinci's study of the natural world was not only evident in his artwork. He created tools for the exploration of nature, including skis for walking on water and the world's first scuba suit. • Civil Engineering: Da Vinci's "Codices" contained wide-ranging information on engineering mechanisms, so much so that his "Codex Madrid" was said to have contained enough information to spark the industrial revolution 300 years ahead of time had it been published. Among the inventions inside were ball bearings, the differential and large-scale construction machinery. • Robotics: Da Vinci was actually more known for his work in robot- ics during his time than his art. Guests can explore more modern dis- coveries about da Vinci's robotic creations, such as the robot knight. A pulley system designed by Leonardo da Vinci sits among other inventions at the Da Vinci's Machines exhibit. Da Vinci's works in civil engineering, had they been fully published, had the potential to spark the industrial revolution hundreds of years earlier. Admission to Discovery Place Science is $17 for adults (ages 14 to 59 years) and $13 for children (ages 2-15 years). Seniors ages 60 and older get in for $15, with chil- dren ages 2 years and younger getting in for free. Guests can pur- chase tickets at science.discovery- place.org, via phone at 704-372- 6261 or in at Discovery Place at 301 N. Tryon St. in Charlotte. A boat designed by Leonardo da Vinci at the Da Vinci's Machines exhibit. Da Vinci's exploration of the natural world influenced both his art and his inventions, which included several nautical vehicles.

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