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ED Magazine January 2018 39 www.theEDexpo.com When everyone shows up it's not too hard to see if anyone doesn't feel like working that day and would rather go out with their friends. Totally not the mentality of my generation, but it works with today's generation. Issue #4: Movement equals money The question remains, how do we get movement when entertainers would really rather just sit and text and chat? One things that's worked for me is building more stages. I had three extra stages built into my club; the days of one stage are gone, as your customers expect more. Now I have five stages and a shower show. I usually run two girls per stage times five stages, that means ten girls are up at any given time plus two in the shower! Girls leaving and entering the stages puts a lot more girls on the floor and out of the dressing room. We may be old, but we are smart — but we need to be creative, too. Issue #5: Getting the staff to promote the club Speaking of promotions, how do you get this generation of millennials to actually go promoting with you and pretend they actually care about their club? As for staff, I find trickery one of the best ways to get them to promote. Call a staff meeting, have them all wear your club's t-shirt. Spend the first hour of the meeting discussing matters at hand, always end on a positive note … and don't forget the donuts! For the second half of the meeting, have your group divided into equal teams of four each, one driver and three employees. Create a contest: a surprise scavenger hunt! Each team picks a name and has one driver with a car, 1,000 passes and one camera phone assigned to take pictures. This is a timed event. Each group has a list of ten photos they need to bring back and the first team back with all complete wins! In truth, bragging rights and a small trophy are all they are looking for. Now say you have 16 staff, four teams run to the same spot around the city, passing out all of their passes and making a huge scene (times four). You send your people to malls where you might have them take a picture with 15 strangers, car lots where they have to have one of the sales men hold one of the staff members in their arms in front of a red car, you are creating a commotion. At least anyone watching this craziness will see the name of your club and how much fun it must be there. The final scene of my scavenger/staff meetings is usually to run on stage and moon the crowd while an entertainer is on stage. So, easy promotion, right? We "tricked" them into promoting and we even made it fun. Millennials are here to stay. They have some good qualities, they are great social networkers, good multitaskers and they have more energy than you can measure. So, my prehistoric pals, don't be so old that you can't be new. See the changes and be smart enough to adapt. Let the millennials think they are winning. After all, happy staff and happy entertainers make happy customers, that's the law of attraction. And happy customers spend money. Sherry Cooper is a longtime executive, general manager and marketing pro with the Deja Vu Showgirls chain for the past 20 years. She can be reached at sherry05cooper@gmail.com. www. MissionMobile.net • info@MissionMobile.net "SMS drives the most traffic to our club by far. Better than social and email." Tony Buttitta – Blackjacks Elgin, Illinois Drive traffic to your club and increase sales with text messaging. Text Alerts / Mobile Club · Special Offers, Promotions · Event Alerts · Picture Messages (MMS) Mobile Coupons · Text Message Coupons · Picture Coupons · Works with Print, Web & Social Media Loyalty · Reward Loyalty · Engage with your customers · Build your Brand Call or text us today to find out how EASY it is for you to use text message marketing to Call or Text 877-473-5461 Drive more traffic into your club! Text Messaging Services: WORKS! UR now joined to our mobile club & will receive exclusive offers! Show this message for FREE admission. Exp. 12/31/18 CLUB

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