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36 January 2018 ED Magazine www.theEDexpo.com W hen we talk to each other, pass one another by on the street or simply live our lives, those moments eventually disappear and become distant memories. Time is fleeting, and that's exactly the sentiment Snapchat emulates. The concept is straightforward: Look now, or lose your chance. Its allure is reflected in the data; users open the app 25 times, spending 30 minutes on the platform daily. But, where would Snapchat be without sexting? Although that's just part of seduction, no use was more critical to Snapchat's early success than the ability to send sexual images that vanished in seconds. This alone makes the app innately intimate. For marketers, our instinctual desire paired with accessibility of Snapchat, creates an unprecedented formula for customer engagement. Yet, club owners are seemingly hesitant to expand their social presence to the app. One reason is because of cell- phone-use policies. However, Snapchat has the ability, just like other marketing platforms, to generate business without the guest using their phone inside. Another reason that club owners are reluctant to use Snapchat is because the app does not save history of previous posts and the business information is nonexistent. This can be off-putting for those who want their content creation efforts to get extended mileage. There is something to be said for having a bank of content to get a feel for a place and what to expect. On the upside, it affords marketers the option to run ads without taking on content marketing. Since becoming a public company in the spring of 2017, affordable advertising formats have been released. A few years ago, the cost to run a Snapchat campaign started at $100,000; today ads start at a few dollars per day. Marketers who have harnessed the power of the app—with ads, content or both—are finding it's well worth the effort. Here are a few ways to leverage Snapchat's magnetism to promote your club. First, attract followers To grow your Snapchat followers, share your Snapcode (the yellow square with random dots and "ghost") and your direct URL (snapchat.com/add/YourUsernameHere). In your venue, post flyers, table tents, and give guests business cards with your Snapchat info. Add the icon and link your websites homepage and anywhere else you display social media icons. Quickly gain traction by offering an incentive to follow such as a free cover or run a contest for one follower to win VIP treatment, promoting it on your existing channels and email newsletter. Create experiences, not just "stories" Snapchat "stories" are collections of images and videos, viewable for 24 hours. Use the order of your snaps to build anticipation throughout the day, while guests are bored at work. Think nobody's paying attention? In a mind-blowing survey by Time Out New York, 39% of office workers said that they have masturbated at their work. Showcase your entertainers during the day, getting ready to perform, etc., and encourage your fans to submit questions for your entertainers, having them respond in a video story. In using provocative images, stay mindful of the boundaries of good taste. This will keep you from potential issues with the platform, and entice guests to come in for a better view, not just watch the night unfold from their phone. Focus on creating impact in the shortest possible time, only giving an ephemeral glimpse. Tap into FOMO (that's "Fear of Missing Out") by featuring wide-angle shots of your club Snapchat Seduction Social Media ED Moving Targets' Jenna Gross explores how to maximize one of the most underused social media marketing tools—Snapchat. by Jenna Gross

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