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with light dementia who like to ask what time it is, how's the weather," she said. "If someone lives alone, you can tell Alexa to remind them to take their med- ication. Technology can be used to help relieve some of the stress of caregiving and help seniors, too." You could also hire a service to go into your senior's home every so often to clean his or her home. Or pay to have someone go in and cook for him some- times. And don't forget your senior's pet, if he or she has one. "That pet is sometimes the only con- nection they have with something liv- ing," Ms. Edwards said. "That is like their best friend. If you took that pet out of the home, that senior is lost. That is a child to them and it meets a need for them, especially if they're lonely. Pets are like therapy and their love is uncon- ditional." You could buy some pet food, treats or toys for them. Ms. Edwards said if you have a limit- ed budget, instead of buying a gift for a senior, do yardwork for him or her. Do some spring cleaning. Prepare a nice meal for him. Or prepare a week's worth of meals and put in the freezer for the senior so he or she can just warm it up and have a good homecooked meal. "Just spending time with your senior is a gift," Ms. Edwards said. "Do some- thing together, go out to eat, take them out for a ride. Sit and talk with them. "Make memories with your senior. You cannot put a price on memories. Maybe you could create and do a bucket list together." • If you'd like to treat a senior to a nice homecooked meal, you can get him or her a gift card from Western Sizzlin Steakhouse. Gift cards come in any amount, starting at $5 and up. "We have a lot of senior specials that run Monday through Friday from 3 to 5 p.m. and they can eat anywhere from $5 to $9," said owner Cheryl Casey. A senior can choose items from the food bar, like a sirloin steak, hamburger steak, meatloaf and chicken, or order from the menu. It includes a choice of side, which could be a baked potato, sweet potato, green beans and other dishes, Ms. Casey said. And your senior can top it off with a dessert of ice cream, cobblers, banana pudding, bread pudding and fruits. "We are famous for our hamburger steak, which has always been a tradition here," Ms. Casey. "It's topped with gravy. We're also famous for our homemade French fries and our bread pudding. We have secret recipes that we use." Some seniors who are on a fixed income could probably use a gift card to the grocery store. You can get one at Carlie C's in any amount that can be used for anything in the store, said customer service repre- sentative Brenden Dixe. That includes various desserts of cakes, pies, pastries, muffins and donuts and a variety of personal hygiene items. Or they might want some frozen din- ners or frozen or canned vegetables. There are also boxed dinners and fresh and frozen meats. They can also get different paper products, butter, eggs, biscuits, yogurts, cake mixes, coffee creamers, juices, candy, chips, nuts and several kinds of milk, including almond, coconut, soy, whole, reduced fat, choco- late and lactaid. To get a grocery card from Carlie C's, just go to the service desk. 8 — Goldsboro News-Argus Friday, December 15, 2017 Select Groups of Light Fixtures REDTAG Experienced Lighting Consultants on Staff Ceiling Fans, & Fixtures 50% Off Retail Energy Saving Lightbulbs Lamp Repairs 225 Walnut St . • Goldsboro • (919) 735-1191 Mon.-Fri. 8-5 • Evenings & Sat. by Appointment w w w . u n i v e r s i t y l i g h t s n c . c o m UNIVERSITY LIGHTS OF GOLDSBORO UNIVERSITY LIGHTS OF GOLDSBORO 735-1237 • 200 E. 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