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Star Wars: The Last Jedi • December 13, 2017 Page 10 Star WarS © & tM 2017 LucaSfiLM Ltd. The Galaxy's Most Trusted Jeweler Since 1948 4075 N Shiloh Dr • Fayetteville • 479.443.3222 Old and new faces will join the ages-long battle of good and evil in 'The Last Jedi' BB-8 Porgs This Astromech Droid is feisty, spherical and devoted to Resis- tance pilot Poe Dameron. Found swooping and roosting on the clif fs of Luke Skywalker's remote island hide- away on Ahch-To, these bird-like aliens are both territorial and curious. Known as "Chewie" to his friends, this mighty Wookiee warrior fought alongside the Rebel heroes who brought down the Empire. An expert pilot, mechanic and marksman with his bowcaster, Chewie joins Rey on her journey to find the missing Luke. Chewbacca / Portrayed by Peter Mayhew & Once known as Ben Solo, Kylo Ren wields the dark side of the Force. After killing his father Han Solo, he now hunts the Resistance. Kylo Ren / Portrayed by Adam Driver This mysterious warrior commands the vast armies of the First Order with ruthless efficiency. Defeated by Finn during the assault on Starkiller Base, she seems to have unfinished business with the former stormtrooper. Captain Phasma / Portrayed by Gwendoline Christie The Supreme Leader of the First Order, the mysterious Snoke is powerful with the dark side of the Force. Supreme Leader Snoke

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