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December 2017 • Senior Celebrations

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SPECIAL TO NWA DEMOCRAT-GAZETTE The short answer to this question is — there is not one. Not for every individual that is. There are more than a few quality hearing aid manufacturers out there, and each have different strengths, whether it be noise suppression technology, feedback control, wireless connectivity, and even durability. Why is this significant? Because every patient is different and no two individuals hear the same, even if it appears that way on paper. Hearing is behavioral and subjective. For this reason, I aim to treat the hearing problem of each patient rather than the hearing loss. In order to accomplish this, we must identify specifically which situations each patient wants to hear better in. Some want to to hear their children or grandchildren. Many come seeking help to better hear their husband or wife (sometimes by choice). Others just want to Razorbacks game on television. With this information, I am able to recommend a treatment option or brand that meets the individual hearing goals of the patient. Thus, the most crucial part of the hearing consultation appointment occurs before we even test the patient. Ironically, the most important skill an audiologist must possess is the ability to hear and listen to the patient. Only then can we say that you have the best hearing aid. Help us find the best hearing aid for you. Call to book your complimentary hearing consultation appointment, (479) 957-9300. Dustin Richards, Au.D., is the owner of Wolfpack Hearing Clinic, located at 2630 E. Citizens Drive, #7, Fayetteville. What is the best hearing aid? SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 2017 | DECEMBER - SENIOR CELEBRATIONS NWADG.COM/YOUATYOURBEST | YOU AT YOUR BEST | 5

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