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Inside: Renovations to Chapter House t 2 Class of '66 Celebrates 50 Years t 3 Connect with Indiana Alpha t 4 From the heart A PUBLICATION FOR ALUMNI OF INDIANA ALPHA t SIGMA PHI EPSILON t FALL 2017 WWW.PURDUE-SIGEPS.COM I would first like to extend my congratulations and thanks to the newly elected Alumni Volunteer Committee board members: Brian Todd '97, Mike Ellis '84, Mitch Salyers '93, Daryl Martz '76, Mike Davis '77, Norm Nabhan '71, Scott Swisher '79 and Jim Mosch '79! In addition to myself, these gentlemen were nominated and unanimously approved at the annual Homecoming meeting to serve as your newly formed nine-member alumni board. I would like to give a special welcome to Brother Mosch; he is new to the board this year and we are excited about the skills and experience that he will bring to an already talented team! Your board is very much aware of the general disappointment, as well as confusion, that still exists among some of our alumni as it relates to our suspension status and the events that led to that outcome. As your president, I will commit to continually looking for key learnings and pushing the board as a whole to strive to bring the chapter back stronger than ever. To that end, I submit to you the three primary areas of focus in 2018: • "Friendraising" – Brother Salyers will lead a committee focused on improving our strategy and methods for connecting and communicating with our alumni base. • Fundraising – Brothers Nabhan and Ellis will lead a committee charged with developing the plan to raise funds for physical facility upgrades and chapter programming sustainment to support the chapter well into the future. • Facilities Upgrade – Brother Swisher will lead a committee tasked with vetting options for updating our 100-plus-year-old facility. Though we are confident these are the right areas of focus, we will be asking our alumni for support to ensure success in accomplishing what is required to relaunch in 2020. Please see information on the following pages for ways to get involved. Support large and small is welcome and always appreciated. Fraternally, Brian Rodell '98 AVC President AVC Welcomes New Board Members 2018 Goals Established Brothers and members of the AVC gathered for a Homecoming Dinner September 23 in the Anniversary Drawing Room at the Purdue Memorial Union. I ndiana Alpha alumni gathered for Homecoming this year for the inaugural Homecoming Dinner hosted by the AVC. This was our first successful event since the closure of the chapter and helps launch us into the future, as well as aligns with the mission of the AVC to connect with alumni through multiple platforms, distribute relevant information to all members, and provide activities for alumni to connect with the overall brotherhood. Members enjoyed gathering and discussing memories of times at 690 Waldron. The conversation was rich with recounts of brother antics and lifelong friendships. David Huhnke '83 served as the emcee for the evening while Mike Ellis '84 offered the blessing for the meal. Look for more information on dinners in the future both for Homecoming and in cities where brothers congregate. Homecoming Dinner Brings Brothers Together

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