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R ick Culver didn't take long to answer when asked what he wanted for Christmas. "How long can the list be?," the executive director of Rodeo of the Ozarks said. "I just want a happy next year and to be healthy." More than two decades ago sponsorship of Springdale's Christmas parade was in question. Some organization needed to step in and take over. In came the Rodeo of the Ozarks executive board. The rodeo board decide to saddle up and take command of what has become one of the area's largest Christmas events. After all, they had the logistics experience needed to pull it off. "With us doing the Rodeo of the Ozarks parades in July and June for so many years, it just made sense that we would do the Christmas parade," Rick explained. "We've been doing the rodeo parades for a long time. We know how to do a parade." For almost three quarters of a century the board has been producing what has become one of the top five outdoor rodeos in the country. They know their stuff. "This is going to be the 74th year," Rick said. "It started in 1944 during the war and they were looking for something for people back home to do, to keep spirits up. Shorty Parsons and some of Springdale's founding fathers got together and decided that they would have a rodeo." Maybe a longshot, but it worked. Boy, did it work. More than 50 years later the rodeo board again stepped in to contribute and make a mark on Springdale and the Ozark's community. "For the last 21 years we've put on the Christmas parade for Springdale," Rick said. "It starts at the rodeo grounds and goes down Emma Avenue to Harris Avenue. It's just a big part of downtown and a big deal for the city and the citizens." The annual parade is organized in cooperation with another annual city event. "It coincides with the lighting of the city's Christmas tree on Shiloh Square," he added. "The schools will have carolers there. It's turned into a big event." Rick assured the parade will include everything one expects from a community Christmas event. "There will be floats, bands, businesses, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts," he assured. "It will be everything from A to Z. Our float contest winner every year has the privilege of having Santa Claus be on their float the following year. Last year it was one of the elementary schools here in Springdale, so this year Santa will ride their float." That elementary school float carrying the Jolly Old Elf will, as tradition dictates, be the grand finale of the Christmas Parade of the Ozarks. "It's a tradition," Rick said. Christmas Parade of the Ozarks ready to roll Rodeo of the Ozarks proud of Christmas contribution to community By Dave Woods NWA Democrat-Gazette Sunday, November 19, 2017 Christmas Activities, Events & Shopping NWA Democrat-Gazette • 9 merry christmas & happy hanukkah Christmas Many people think Christmas is on December the 25th and that's all there is to Christmas. However, for many people around the world, in different countries and in different Christian traditions, Christmas lasts for a lot longer than that - and it's even celebrated at different times! Although December 25th is the date when most people celebrate Christmas, there are some other dates as well. Some churches (mainly Orthodox churches) use a different calendars for their religious celebrations. Orthodox Churches in Russia, Serbia, Jerusalem, Ukraine, Ethiopia and other countries use the old 'Julian' calendar and people in those churches celebrate Christmas on January 7th. Most people in the Greek Orthodox Church celebrate Christmas on December 25th. But some still use the Julian calendar and so celebrate Christmas on the 7th of January! Some Greek Catholics also celebrate on January 7th. Hanukkah Hanukkah is the Jewish Festival of Lights and it remembers the rededication of the second Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. Hanukkah lasts for eight days and starts on the 25th of Kislev, the month in the Jewish calendar that occurs at about the same time as December. Because the Jewish calendar is lunar Kislev can happen from late November to late December. In 2017, Hanukkah is from in the evening of Tuesday, 12th December until the evening of Wednesday, 20th December. Source: COLLEGE FUNDS VACATIONS NEW VEHICLE FAMILY & FRIENDS USE THE EXTRA INCOME FOR... Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette routes are available in Benton and Washington counties! Earn up to $ 1500 a month ➤ Only a few hours per day ➤ Run your own business as an Independent Contractor To get started, call 1.866.927.5201 or go to Bella Vista Lutheran Church Celebration Choir & Orchestra The Christmas story never changes, so the writers of this musical were looking for a new way to tell the story of the birth of Jesus. "a Thrill of Hope" tells the incredible story of the Hope that came to earth as a baby - the Hope that came to heal the hopeless human heart. A docr offering will bene t "The Shepherd's Food Pantry". There will be a reception inmediately following the program. under the direction of Randy Allison Present... Sunday, December 10, 2017 4:00 pm B Ce h tra 1990 Forest Hills Blvd. • Bella Vista, AR 72715 479-855-0272 5 1 Cops r ncipals The Amityville Horror ('05) Ryan Reynolds. TVMA our Bus a es Tour Bus TVMA Tales Tour Bus TVMA +++ Sleepers ('96) Brad Pitt. Four m boys in a detention center, seek reven wice ('17) A mother and + Cell ('16) John Cusack. TVMA Inside the NFL "2017 Week 8" TVPG Girlfriend- Experience Girlfriend- Experience Girlfriend- Experience ++ From Dusk Till Dawn ('95) George Clooney. TVMA ++ Unleashed ('05) Jet Li. TVMA Pound of Flesh ('15) Jean-Claude Van Damme. A man goes out in search of his stolen kidney. TVMA + Universal Soldier: The Return ('99) Jean-Claude Van Damme. TVMA o JOCELYN MURPHY NWA Democrat-Gazette T here's not always a direct link between what [Stuart] Davis was painting and the world of jazz in terms of subject matter, but I think there always was a connection in the spirit of how he created." Robert Ginsburg, executive director of the Northwest Arkansas Jazz Society and the jazz curator at the Walton Arts Center, spoke to artist Stuart Davis' vibrant style — as it relates to the music that often inspired him — during the opening week of Crystal Bridges Museum's new temporary exhibition, "Stuart Davis: In Full Swing." The exhibition, some 86 works from across five decades of the Philadelphia painter's career, demonstrates Davis' artistic vocabulary of bold color and abstract form. Though he was at the forefront of bringing French avant-garde art to America, his work could often not be confined to any one "-ism" of the time: Instead, he would incorporate many different elements into his art while putting his own spin on all of them. Tromp l'oeil details, Pop art (before there was Pop art), Cubism, his own style of abstraction, wording, composition, depth of field, humor — Davis experimented with it all. "He doesn't think of his works as abstract; they're all rooted in places and things," said Harry Cooper during a media preview of the exhibition. Cooper is the senior modern art curator at the National Gallery of Art, where the exhibition was organized. Though he experimented with styles, Davis was meticulous about planning the work through drawings before he got to the canvas. That is, until he got to the canvas. "The idea of having planned everything but at the same time allowing room for mistakes, and then to turn those into improvisations takes a page from the jazz playbook," Cooper said. In the '40s, Davis comes to what really makes him unique, added Margi Conrads, director of curatorial affairs at Crystal Bridges. "He starts looking back to previous work to see what he can pull forward." In the chronology of the exhibition, the viewer begins to see elements from Davis' early works like wording and references to pop culture, as well as more series where he creates variations around the same subject — just as a jazz musician or composer music; it requires a knowledge and yet it leaves room for spont And then the other way is just h music actually is structured. So D art sort of ran a parallel life to jaz think it's going to be fun to have a that kind of fill in around the visua aspects of it." In partnering with the Northwest Arkansas Jazz Society for much of the programming surrounding the exhibition, Crystal Bridges will give guests the opportunity to build even m connections between Davis and jazz m but also between the art and their own understanding of both mediums. "When you combine the senses in a w that reinforces the artistry, you really hav something, and Crystal Bridges has done a great job of doing that," Ginsburg said of the educational, musical and lecture programming that will bring together the museum and the Jazz Society. "That's one of the great things about this collaboration," Ginsburg said. "We FRIDAY, OCTOBER 6, 2017 F 'Stuart In Full S WHEN — On disp Jan. 1. WHERE — Crystal Museum of Ame Bentonville COST — $8/nonmem members and und INFO — 418-5700, BONUS — Visit the C Bridges website for full schedule of jazz programming surrou the exhibition. Art is set to music at Crystal Bridges Mu COVER Courtesy Whitney Museum of America Art Crystal Bridges guests may be familiar with artist Stuart Davis' work as five of his pieces are part of the museum's permanent collection. Seen as an extensive collection, the exhibition highlights the jazz rhythms in Davis' works even further with the soft sounds of jazz music played in the galleries throughout the run of the exhibition. music; it requires a knowledge and yet it leaves room for spont And then the other way is just h music actually is structured. So D art sort of ran a parallel life to jaz think it's going to be fun to have a that kind of fill in around the vi and und FO — 418-5700, BONUS — Visit the C Bridges website for full schedule of jazz programming surrou the exhibition. | Advertising Supplement | Friday, October 13, 2017 | The Dining Guide W4 feature article Twist on Southern tradition BY DAVE WOODS DWOODS@NWADG.COM M "It's been great," the former high school math teacher said. "We've had good experience with the community. Our food has been well received and the reviews are good." Open since May, 2017 Southern Food Company continues to grow in popularity on Northwest Arkansas' competitive restaurant landscape. Marti believes she and husband Todd's restaurant has found a niche. "I like to say we are southern with a Cajun flavor," she noted. "Our food tends to have a bit of a spice to it. The expectation is that it has a kick to it if possible. We have food that could be considered Southern, although Southern is a very broad term. We have soups, salads, fish tacos and chicken fried steak at lunch. At night, in addition to that menu, we have two addi tional specials. One is a comfort Southern Food Company specializing in Southern Nouveau Cuisine Arts Stuart Davis' vibrant it relates to the music that often inspired him — during the opening week of Crystal Bridges Museum's new temporary exhibition, "Stuart Davis: In Full Sw The exhibition, some 86 w across five decades o painter's care artistic dition oups, chicken fried At night, in addition menu, we have two addi tional specials. One is a comfort Purchase or lease any new (previously untitled) Subaru and receive a complimentary factory scheduled maintenance plan for 2 years or 24,000 miles (whichever comes first.) See Subaru Added Security Maintenance Plan for intervals, coverages, and limitations. 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