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2 WAYNE COUNTY AREA HEALTH DIRECTORY Goldsboro News-Argus WE'RE ALL FAMILY HERE. UNC Physicians Network is proud to become a part of the Goldsboro community. Our network of primary care and specialty services patient experience—all with the from UNC Health Care. We call ourselves a network, but we're really a dedicated family of doctors ready to serve you and your loved ones. UNC PHYSICIANS NETWORK PRACTICES IN WAYNE COUNTY: UNC Family Medicine at Goldsboro (919) 736-0767 UNC Family Medicine at Pikeville (919) 587-3400 UNC Internal Medicine at Goldsboro (919) 739-9060 UNC Orthopedics at Goldsboro (919) 736-2157 UNC Primary Care at Goldsboro (919) 731-6018 UNC Psychiatry at Goldsboro (919) 587-4051 UNC Specialty Care at Goldsboro (919) 587-3700 UNC Surgical Specialists at Goldsboro (919) 734-1141 UNC Urology at Goldsboro (919) 735-1635 UNC Vascular Specialists at Goldsboro (919) 587-3333 Eskra Plastic Surgery (919) 587-4400

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