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October 31, 2017

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NOVEMBER 1 - 7, 2017 UCW 31 WWW.UPANDCOMINGWEEKLY.COM Hope Mills News & Views Jessie Bellf lowers UCW: What do you hope to accomplish for Hope Mills if you are elected? Bellflowers: Without any question, the top priority on my agenda is public safety. Over the years, both police and fire departments have out-grown their current facilities alongside our commu- nity's fast growing population. is does not mean both departments lack equip- ment and technology to do the job, they just need new facilities in which to oper- ate. We must find a workable, affordable solution to build at least one or two new satellite facilities, and a new "main" fa- cility over the next several years. Another top priority is community recreational programs whereas the town must invest in improvements to existing facilities, programs, development of the Hope Mills Former Golf Course Community Rec- reational Project in order to maintain and enhance community quality of life. Finally, another "hot topic" priority in our community is massive growth and traffic congestion. We need a good balance of residential and economic growth. erefore, we must continue to meet and work with the Fayetteville Area Metro- politan Planning Organization (FAMPO) Transportation Advisory Committee to find sustainable solutions. UCW: What experience and strengths would you bring to this office if elected? Bellflowers: My experience includes: I currently serve as Chairman – Town of Hope Mills Lake Advisory Committee; Graduate, Town of Hope Mills Citizens Academy (Charter Class); Graduate, Cumberland County Board of Commission- ers "How to be an Effective Board Member," Graduate (Class Leader), Institute for Community Leadership Course; Past All-American State (North Carolina) Commander; District 8 Commander, and Post 10630 (Hope Mills) Commander, Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW); Past Board Member, North Carolina Depart- ment of Military and Veterans Affairs Committee; Past Board Member, Hope Mills Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors; Past Member, Town of Hope Mills Veterans Affairs Commission; Past Charter Board Member, Friends of Hope Mills Lake. My strengths include: I believe in a workable, open and transparent govern- ment. One that practices fiscal conservatism instead of wasteful spending. One that listens and understands citizen issues and concerns, values town employ- ees, and One that seeks consensus while always moving our community forward in a position direction. I believe in a strong fiscal conservative approach to spending taxpayer dollars while ensuring our community citizens continue to enjoy quality of life services in the most cost-effective manner possible while always moving our community forward in a position direction. My vision is simple: "Continuous improvement of quality of life for our com- munity that will naturally grow and progress in an economically sustainable and healthy environment." We must focus every day on enriching the lives of our town citizens by creating an exceptional community to work and live in while providing exemplary town services that enables our community to thrive and prosper. Addressing the many challenges that face our community will require effective leadership and a tremendous amount of teamwork. I bring to the table many years of strong leadership and pledge to listen to citi- zen issues and concerns, have an open mind on all decisions, and spend a sig- nificant amount of time researching community issues facing our community. It is an honor and I would be humbled to serve the citizens of our community as a Town Commissioner on the Hope Mills Town Board of Commissioners. I am passionate and look forward in working closely with fellow Town Board mem- bers and our senior (staff ) leadership team to address and solve the various challenges facing our community. Tonzie K. Collins I UCW: What do you hope to accomplish for Hope Mills if you are elected? Collins I: Communicately effectively and efficiently with the citizens of Hope Mills. Communicately effectively and efficiently with staff and other council members. Will do what is best for the town and its citiziens. UCW: What experience and strengths would you bring to this office if elected? Collins I: 1. I have the ability to work with all the citizens of Hope. 2. Organization and planning 3. Problem solving 4. Team work 5. Communication 6. Prioritizing 7. Abilities to cope with failures and mistakes. Pat Edwards UCW: What do you hope to accomplish for Hope Mills if you are elected? Edwards: A transparent government, creative thinking, building cooperation and community team work. One com- missioner or mayor cannot do it alone. We need to work together for the better- ment of our town. Citizens working with our Mayor and Commissioners would be great. A lot of great ideas are out there. Our retired Military and Seniors Citizens have a wealth of history they could share with us. I definitely recommend our citizens to attend (at no cost) our Citizens Academy offered by the town manager and town clerk. A great opportunity to get involved, meet the staff and learn exactly what goes on in your Town. What is required in the day to day operation is amazing. e Mayor and Commis- sioners rely 24/7 on our first responders, staff and employees. To stay involved with and work closely with our Hope Mills Chamber of Commerce. UCW: What experience and strengths would you bring to this office if elected? Edwards: I have served as your commissioner for six years,. We have had our ups and downs and we didn't always agree on the same issues. All considered I feel we have accomplished a lot for the betterment of Hope Mills. Our "Lake" is well on its way to completion. It will be Beautiful!! We will all be so proud. I have experience and strengths in some of the inter workings of Hope Mills by getting involved in Civic Groups and serving as liaison for several commissions (past and present) I am serving on the Board of Directors for the Hope Mills Chamber of Commerce and on the Board of Directors for the Hope Mills Ki- wanis Club (twice past president) , Board of Adjustments, Cumberland County Community Grant Committee, Ft. Bragg/Pope AFB Regional Land Use Advisory (RULAC), Air Quality Stakeholders, Veterans Affairs, Special Events Nominating Committee and Appearance Committee. Election 2017 Hope Mills Commissioner Candidates

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