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October 31, 2017

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30 UCW NOVEMBER 1 - 7, 2017 WWW.UPANDCOMINGWEEKLY.COM Keith Bowen UCW: What do you hope to accomplish for Hope Mills if you are elected? Bowen: What I'd like to bring to HopeMills, I'd love to make it a more family/ resident oriented town, meaning, our families have more places to go and enjoy their time together, safer streets to allow them the time together with no worries. Residential mean- ing, so our residents are always kept in the know, and they'll see a working government that's working for them. I want to bring public transportation to our people. I want to invite more small businesses to our town, coming up with a plan that'll help them come to our town and flourish. I'd love to ger a lot of these sitting com- mercial buildings occupied. Bringing money to our town without having to raise taxes on our residents. UCW: What experience and strengths would you bring to this office if elected? Bowen: My strong points. Im young, I like to execute using action, I'm a successful business owner of 10 years who brings great knowledge to the table as far as hiring outside con- tractors to perform work for us, and also great negotiating skills to assure we're using our towns tax dollars for good use. Jackie Warner UCW: What do you hope to accomplish for Hope Mills if you are elected? Warner: I hope to complete projects that we have started and to continue the prog- ress we have made during my term as may- or. Completion of the lake park, Heritage Park, our museum – creation of a strategic plan for our golf course property – strate- gic plan for our facilities to be funded and built – completion of a side walk plan and implementation of the multimodial conges- tion plan. Continuation of the support and funding for our police and fire department. Addressing our infrastructure needs to include storm water and roads – I encourage the application for grants that are available to assist in the cost of all projects. I will continue to seek our fair share of sales taxes and will be a voice for Hope Mills at the Mayor's Coalition, FAMPO and with our County Commissioners. I believe in transparency in government – keeping our citizens informed and involved in decision making. I fully support the Citizens Academy as a venue for our citizens to learn about our town. I will work with board and staff to provide unified leadership for our town. UCW: What experience and strengths would you bring to this office if elected? Warner: My experience as an educator – teambuilding, budgeting, hiring and evaluating qualified personnel. and time management. Being a leader requires one to know when to lead and when to follow – to get goals accomplished or to complete a plan – the role I need to assume – My experiences as Mayor to include the successful settlement through negotiations and deposition for our dam – to working to save our sales tax revenues – and influence a traffic study for our town to providing leadership during tough times such as Hurricane Mat- thew or being a spokesperson for our town when times are good as well as bad – I appreciate the opportunity to serve Hope Mills – Hope Mills Proud – Hope Mills strong because this Mayor cares! Election 2017 Hope Mills Mayoral Candidates Up & Coming Weekly keeps the community informed about elections. As in years past, we've reached out to the candidates to give them an opportunity to make their case to you, the voter. In the following pages, you will find their responses. You will also find that not every candidate is represented. at was a choice by the candidate. e Fayetteville And Hope Mills candidates were all given the option to participate. Each candidate vying for similar office was asked the exact same set of ques- tions. We have not altered or amended their answers. Because we believe so strongly in the privilege of voting, we wanted to ensure that you have all the information you need – not only about the candidates and the issues – but also about where, when and how you can vote. For Cumberland County voters: • Early one-stop voting is ongoing. • Saturday, Nov. 4, one-stop voting and same-day registration ends. • Tuesday, Nov. 7, is the big day. Polls open at 6:30 a.m. and close at 7:30 p.m. Learn more: www.co.cumberland.nc.us/election_board/voter_info/guide.aspx Hope Mills News & Views

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