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October 31, 2017

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NOVEMBER 1 - 7, 2017 UCW 19 WWW.UPANDCOMINGWEEKLY.COM Curtis Brown District 1 UCW: Elected city officials and Cumberland County Commissioners have not been able to agree on who would operate a joint 911 emer- gency center and continue to be at odds over which sales tax distribution method the county should implement. And now, the county seems to be pushing back on how much money it should devote to the city's baseball stadium. What will you do specifically to create better communication and cooperation between the two governing bodies? Brown: While I fully understand the differ- ences in the roles and responsibilities of city and county government. I would highly recommend, both city council and the county commissioners sched- ule an off-site summit to discuss unifying, synchroning and maximing our efforts to better serve all of the constituents we all represent. To help city and county government better understand that we are stronger and more effective together, I would strongly advocate for this summit to include the FLIPPEN GROUP with both city council and the county commissioners attending. The FLIPPEN GROUP with over 25 years of experience has mastered the art and science of optimizing team performance. They have worked with some of the largest state and federal government agencies and organizations in the world. They fully understand how to help government leader's work and serve more effectively together. The FLIPPEN GROUP further understands that people represent the greatest investment opportunity in any government agency or organization. Additionally, the FLIPPEN GROUP has identified that people are also the greatest challenge for leaders. Here's how the FLIPPEN GROUP helps. Their behavioral analytics tools, combined with expert coaching, helps government leaders solve the complex people issues that make serving in the public sector challenging. Even the strongest government teams can perform better. The FLIPPEN GROUP combines the science of customized team behavioral analytics with the art of engaging in transformational workshops, all supported by intentional follow-up processes to maintain our teamwork momentum in both city and county government. Upon the completion of this workshop we will be able to identify the seem- ingly "invisible" behaviors in our two governments that hinder performance, delay projects and slow down all progress. The process of optimizing the city and county team begins with understanding the needs of both entities and obtaining behavioral data on all city council members and county com- missioner's using the Flippen Profile. Through group workshops and 1-on-1 coaching sessions, both your team's will develop a customized action plan to leverage individual and team strengths while also breaking constraints. The FLIPPEN GROUP craft a series of briefs, customized follow-up workshops and gradually empower city and county leadership to champion the identified pro- cesses internally. My vision for District 1, Fayetteville and Cumberland County is a growing and vibrant world-class place--proud of its diversity and full of life with amenities and activities. I envision a community of cooperative inclusion (Government and Citizens), a community that is f lourishing economically with a pristine environment, where all people are safe, healthy and have eq- uitable opportunities for success and happiness. With better communication and cooperation between City council and the County Commissioners we are better and stronger together!! UCW: The city's tax base is more dependent on residential properties than any other major city in North Carolina. This is primarily because of Fayette- ville's lack of economic development and our continued failure to attract large corporate headquarters, technology companies and manufacturing firms. What role do you feel the city plays in local economic development? Brown: The city in partnership with the Economic Development Alliance of Fayetteville & Cumberland County plays a vital role in our overall local economic development. One of the primary factors behind Fayetteville and Cumberland County's continued economic health and growth is the unusu- ally cooperative relationship between city and county government and the local business community. The work of the Economic Development Alliance of Fayetteville & Cumberland County is just one example of that partnership. When new companies considering our area, see that partnership approach right away they want to know more about our city. New companies are con- sistently impressed at how well everyone works to streamline the process of permitting, licensing, title work, and developing infrastructure to keep from creating delays. If you've ever thought that true cooperation between govern- ment and the private sector was impossible, you've never done business in Fayetteville and Cumberland County. Having said all of the above, the city must focus on better opportunities to link our educational institutions and veteran administration(VA) to industries to provide viable skills through education and certification that maximizes our citizens' capabilities. We must incentivize enduring companies and develop a decent incentive package for incoming industries/ businesses. Our city leadership must get out and visit successful cities like North Charleston, SC, to determine cause factors in their overall success in the area of economic development and job creation. We must review and reduce burdensome regulations, permits and codes on small businesses to promote smart economic and industrial growth. Our city gov- ernment plays a very important role in our overall economic development and must continue to invest in the Economic Development Alliance of Fayetteville & Cumberland County as it has become the heartbeat of our success in the area of Economic growth. Election 2017 Fayetteville City Council Candidates Personal Injury, Military, Veterans, and Criminal Law Litigation Over 30 Years Experience Timothy M. Dunn Attorney and Counsellor at Law 150 N. McPherson Church Rd., Ste. B | Fayetteville, NC 28303 (910) 484-5151 | dunnlaw@nc.rr.com Experienced Civilian and Military Trial Lawyer

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