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NWA Democrat-Gazette Best of the Best 66 Sunday, October 29, 2017 By Dave Woods NWA Democrat-Gazette T he success is in the details at Buffi ngton Homes. "The fi rst thing that comes to mind is our fl oor plans and the open feel they provide," said Mike Lamberth, who has been with Buffi ngton since its beginning in 2010. "That paired with our attention to details, such as window location, provide a sense of airiness that not everyone can put their fi nger on. Having a great fl oor plan leaves room for attention to detail in the building of our communities, our neighborhood locations, the design process, the quality of craftsmanship, and overall home ownership experience. These things combined are the key to being a successful builder." Specializing in residential homes, Mike said the combination of paying attention to detail mixed with his quality team means success is inevitable. "Our team is unique," he explained. "We bring together many different types of people to build a home. They are all work together to keep design, marketing, sales, construction, and our clients, all on the same page. This can be harder than you think. We have the right people in the right positions and we are able to make this happen. Without this team working together the way that they do, we would not have the company that we have built over the past several years. Mike said his mission is simple. "Our goal as a new home builder is to provide a safe place for a family to grow, and an opportunity to make their life better no matter what stage they are in," he explained. "Building a home to provide for a family will always be special to us and is something we never want to take for granted. ★★★ Finalist ★★★ Builder Open fl oor plans, open feel make Buffi ngton Homes a best bet

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