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NWA Democrat-Gazette Best of the Best 56 Sunday, October 29, 2017 By Dave Woods NWA Democrat-Gazette C haddie Platt has been having a ball at Dog Party USA for more than a dozen years. "It is a lot of fun," she said of her canine boarding business. "It's like a doggie hotel with a lot of play time built in. The dogs come for daycare or boarding, grooming or training. They get to play outside all day in supervised play groups." "An essential part of keeping it fun is striving to continually improve," comments Platt. "We have a big project underway right now to put K-9 Grass in the Big Dog Yard. We already have it in several other yards and it makes life better for both the dogs and the humans. The dogs can play all day and splash around in the water, pools and sprinklers and not get muddy! And it stays nice and green and clean all year round." Another key to keeping it fun and safe is staff training on the dynamics of group play, canine body language and stress signals. This enables employees to recognize problems before they get out of hand and to take steps to avert any aggressive behavior. Each play group is supervised all day by trained staff and there are several different groups for different sizes and play styles. Another aspect of continual improvement is taking advantage of the latest technology and trends in cleaning and sanitation. There are Ecoboxes to clean the air and also essential oils to eliminate viruses. The combination of UV technology and natural herbs helps to keep everyone healthy. ★★★ Winner ★★★ Pet Boarding Daycare Dog Party USA a popular place for pooches

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