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Sunday, October 8, 2017 Goldsboro News-Argus — 15A Compassion for the Patient... Commitment for the Cure... Collaboration in the Effort Treatment of Cancer/Blood Diseases In-House Lab & Social Services Nationally Recognized in Clinical Research Dr. James N. Atkins • Dr. Samer S. Kasbari Dr. Jason K. Boyd • Dr. I-Wen Chang We combine compassion, dedication, experience, leading edge medication, pain control and teamwork in the diagnosis and treatment of Cancer and blood related diseases. Serving cancer and hematology patients in Eastern North Carolina since 1984. Compassionate Care for Every Cancer Patient 203 Cox Boulevard • 919-580-0000 • 90DCT0917L© 89DCT0917L© An ounce of prevention An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure; we heard our grandmoth- ers say that many times. It is true in can- cer as well. The good thing is that there are steps you can take to help prevent cancer. To start with there are vaccines that exist that will help prevent can- cer,from the HPV vaccines that we give our children to the Hepatitis B vaccine that is frequently adminis- tered. The HPV will help prevent cervical cancer as well as head and neck cancer and possibly rectal can- cer. The Hepati- tis B vaccine will help prevent Liver cancer. The environ- ment that we live in also puts us at risk for cancer. There- fore it is impor- tant to use sun- screen and large floppy hats when outdoors as well as sun protective cloth- ing. This will decrease the incidence of all types of skin cancer. We see a lot of skin cancer in North Carolina,the more sun exposure you have the greater the risk,so also try to stay out of tanning beds. Aspirin has been shown not to just decrease the risk of heart attacks and strokes but it also will decrease the risk of colon cancer by 30 percent. Having a colonoscopy can prevent colon cancer by removing polyps before they become malignant,and if patients got their colono- scopies as recommended with a base line at age 50,then every 5 to 10 years after that,probably 80 percent of colon cancers could be prevented. Mammograms have been shown to allow cancers to be picked up early so that they are less likely to result in the death of the patient. Now we also have low dose CAT scans of the lungs for patients who have been long time smok- ers to detect lung cancer early allowing for a higher cure rate from surgery. Probably the most important factor is what we do to ourselves that puts us at risk for cancer. Everyone knows that tobacco will increase your risk for lung, head and neck,bladder,kidney and pan- creatic cancers. Approximately 80 per- cent of those cancers could be prevented. Alcohol puts you at risk for head and neck cancer as well as liver cancer. Obesity is the one factor that increases the risk of Eli Hudson poses in front of the prayer wall at Goldsboro Worship Center on Monday,Sept.11. A survivor of colon cancer,Hudson's name was written on the wall and circled after the prayer of beating the cancer was answered. Eli Hudson's name was written on one of the Golds- boro Worship Center's prayer walls after he was diagnosed with colon cancer and circled when he found out that he was cancer free. A t 46,Eli Hudson seemed to be the definition of a healthy man,yet he began feeling like he had no energy.After doing blood work,his doctor said he was anemic.That was December 2016. "I was so mildly anemic that the doctor said if I was a woman,that would be nor- mal,"he said."But it was enough that she was concerned to pursue why,because a 46-year-old male shouldn't be anemic." He was immediately scheduled for a colonoscopy. "That's when they found out that I had a couple of polyps,and one was a big mass where they couldn't remove it,"Eli said. Eli had colon cancer. "Until somebody tells you to your face Eli Hudson was shocked and devastated by his colon cancer diagnosis,but God,his family and church got him through it. Dr.James Atkins Southeastern Medical Oncology Center Finding the strength 'From that day forward, I was at perfect peace with my cancer. He put the right doctors, the right surgeon, the right hospital in place.' — Eli Hudson talks about how God got him to remission See STRENGTH, Page 18A See PREVENTION, Page 18A Story by Becky Barclay Photos by Casey Mozingo

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