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I n 1967, the year that NASA launched the Lunar Orbit- er 3 spacecraft and gasoline was 33 cents per gallon, Wayne Laufer '67 was taking pride in graduating from Missouri School of Mines and becoming an Alpha Iota Chapter alumnus. Looking back at his undergraduate experience, Wayne says his fondest memories aren't the big events, but the small moments that, when put together, make up the bonds that stayed with him throughout his life—moments he says all began at 206 East 12th Street. "As undergraduates, we all spent some of the best years of our lives in the chapter house. As alumni, it is great to stay in touch with guys that shared those experiences," Wayne says. "Just a few years ago a group of us got together in South Carolina with our spouses for a mini vacation. We spent time togeth- er, had some laughs, and it was like nothing had changed." For this reason and countless others, Wayne has made the Honoring Our Past, Securing Our Future campaign a priority. "The physical facility is going downhill. I can remember as a pledge in 1963, we had a major work program to rehab the house and add on, but nothing has been done since then. If the fraternity is going to survive, let alone thrive, we need better living and learning quarters for members." Though Wayne admits he wasn't the most involved member, his decision to support Alpha Iota was easy. "Sigma Pi is where I developed fellowship, learned right from wrong, and gained responsibility. Living with 50 guys with various influences—philanthropic, academic, geo- graphic—teaches life skills you can't get anywhere else." Wayne encourages alumni to pay it forward now so under- graduates have the opportunity to gain the same personal and professional experiences. "Alumni support is critical and will pay off in spades. Within five years Alpha Iota has the opportunity to be- come stronger than we have been in the history of our chapter. With a new chapter house and continued good leadership we'll have a better quality of new recruits and actives than we've ever seen." After a successful career in the energy business Wayne says, "Theoretically I'm retired, but I dabble in outside investments," where he's able to maintain his work hard, play hard philosophy. In his down time, Wayne and his wife, Gayle, spend as much time as they can outdoors in their summer home in Roche Harbor, Washington. Their most recent hobby has taken them to sea, traveling on their boat to Panama, the Caribbean, and soon, Chile. Wayne says the secret to success is to be flexible and take risks. "Though I didn't realize it at the time, I can see from my own experience that Sigma Pi taught me just that. With alumni support, the fraternity will continue de- veloping young men who will be strong leaders for the rest of their lives." This October, Wayne and Gayle plan to attend Homecoming, which coin- cides with his 50-year pledge class reunion. To contact Wayne, send him an e-mail at Serendipity (noun): the effect by which one stumbles upon something truly wonderful, especially while looking for something entirely unrelated. I n his early years at Missouri University of Science and Technology, Pete Swales '02 made a few admittedly poor choices, getting himself kicked out of school three times. "The last time the university kicked me out, Sigma Pi stepped up and got me back in. After that I turned my decisions around and matured beyond belief. Brothers helped me get more focused on school and in life," he says. "As Sigma Pis we all had each other's backs. I can specifically link the personal and professional success I've achieved to my Alpha Iota membership." As recruitment chairman, treasurer, and chapter president, Pete learned how to manage money and people, large scale, and is confident these skills positioned him for success in his career. "By the time I graduated I had be- come a leader. I realized I had a knack for leading and being part of a team. That made it so easy to transition into reality and into a big company." Now, as the business di- rector at Hubbell, Pete says, "After earning my MBA I went into a man- agement role, super- vising more than 350 employees. My Alpha Iota experience is what I draw on the most when it comes to being successful in my job. Like a fraternity, you have to follow the rules and watch out for people while also managing them." Pete encourages alumni to think back on their own experience. "Be honest with yourself and ask where you would be without Alpha Iota. Even if the impact of the fraternity was small for you, donating time and resources is making a big impact on someone else." For Pete, the decision to give back was obvious and worth it. Honoring Our Past, Securing Our Future Wayne Laufer '67 Pays It Forward at 206 E. 12th Street Where Would You Be Without Alpha Iota? Pete SwaleS '02—why I Gave (Continued on page 4) Justin Wylam '03, Nich Cook '01, and Pete Swales '02 at Jekyll Island, Ga., in August 2017.

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