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Honorary Chairmen ($20,000 and above) Cheri De Jong, ΣΚ and Donald De Jong, ΑΓΡ Kevin O'Neill, ΛΧΑ and Patty O'Neill, ΑΔΠ Cindy Stellhorn, ΚΑΘ and Jeff Stellhorn, ΣΦΕ Honorary Board of Directors ($10,000 to $19,999) Bill Dreyer, KA Order Michael Greenberg, ΣΧ and Christina McFaul-Greenberg Ned Kirklin, ΚΣ Howard Pickett, ΣΝ Todd Reaves, KA Order Peter Stephens, ΣΧ Founders Society ($5,000 to $9,999) Kelley Bergstrom, ΠΚΦ Julie Burkhard, ΑΧΩ Donna Chereck, ΑΧΩ Derick Close, KA Order Chris Edmonds, ΔΣΦ Patrick Jessee, ΔΣΦ Dana Katz, ΑΕΦ and Marc Katz, ΑΕΠ Susan Patrick, ΚΑΘ Carmen Renee, ΑΧΩ Charter Members ($2,500 to $4,999) Patrick Alderdice, ΔΧ Thomas Archer, ΔΣΦ Kelly Bingel, ΧΩ Kitty L. deKieffer, ΑΧΩ Pris Gerde, ΚΚΓ Michael Hoffman, ΔΣΦ Lisa Humenik, ΣΚ Richard Jungman, ΦΣΚ Val Lawlor, ΑΦ Michael Mayer, ΘΧ David Morgan, ΠΚΦ Vicki Nixon, ΔΓ Ben Satcher, KA Order Michael Silvaggi, ΔΣΦ Virginia Smith, ΔΔΔ Katie Vlietstra Wonnenberg, ΦΣΣ Bonnie Wunsch, ΑΕΦ Legacy Members ($1,000 to $2,499) Natalie Averette, ΣΣΣ Andrea Bechtel, ΧΩ Susan Bevan, ΑΦ James Black, ΑΤΩ Andy Borans, ΑΕΠ Dennis Boyd, ΑΤΩ Sean Callan, ΑΧΑ Cathie Cardelucci, ΚΑΘ Maureen Carnevale, ΑΔΠ Sara Carruthers, ΔΖ Tom Carter, ΠΚΦ Joe Caruso, ΠΚΑ Anne Charnock, ΑΔΠ Philip Cohen, ΑΕΠ Laurie Connor, ΚΑΘ Dan Corah, ΠΚΑ Kim Cornetet, ΧΩ Betsy Corridan, ΚΑΘ Kelly Crompton, ΑΔΠ Thomas Cycyota, ΔΣΦ Tom Decker, ΔΣΦ Rob Derdiger, ΑΕΠ Laura Doerre, ΚΑΘ Elizabeth Downey, ΚΑΘ James Ewbank, ΦΔΘ Gayle Fitzpatrick, ΑΟΠ Derek Flowers, ΣΑΕ Elisse Freeman, ΑΔΠ Kathryn Goddard, ΑΔΠ Alison Griffin, ΔΔΔ Phyllis Grissom, ΔΔΔ Dinah Hays, ΔΓ Lynne Herndon, ΑΧΩ Jud Horras, ΒΘΠ Jill Javors, ΑΧΩ John Jenkins, ΔΣΦ Carole Jones, ΑΟΠ Darren Kay, KA Order Bill LaForge, ΠΚΑ and Nancy LaForge, ΔΔΔ Beth Langford, ΚΔ Barry Levin, ΑΕΠ Sarah Lindsay, ΔΔΔ Christopher Lorenzen, ΔΣΦ Greg Louer, ΤΕΦ Margaret Maxwell, ΑΧΩ Susan McNeice, ΑΦ Ana Miller, ΠΒΦ Jessica Monahan, ΑΧΩ James Nelson, ΑΤΩ Lisa Olney, ΚΑΘ Rosario Palmieri, ΔΤΔ Edward Pease, ΠΚΑ Eugenia Pierson, ΧΩ Tammie Pinkston, ΑΔΠ Patricia G. Pratt, ΑΔΠ Betty Quick, ΓΦΒ Ken Riley, ΔΣΦ Clark Robertson, ΦΓΔ Dennis Santoli, ΣΧ Judy Schmuck, ΑΧΩ and James Schmuck, KA Order Daniel Shaver, ΣΧ Wynn Smiley, ΑΤΩ Donna Stallard, ΦΜ Brad Sullivan, ΔΣΦ Jane Sutton, ΑΞΔ Mark Timmes, ΠΚΦ Jessica Tom, ΑΔΠ Dian Volkmer, ΑΟΠ Larry Wiese, KA Order and Dawn Wiese, ΔΔΔ Leslie Williams, ΔΖ Dudley Woody, ΠΚΦ Honorary Officers ($500 to $999) Debbie Adams Bonnie Arthur, ΑΦ Jari Askins, ΑΧΩ Dan Backer, ΖΨ Justin Baldwin, ΔΣΦ Brad Beacham, ΣΝ Jackie Brannon Stutts, ΑΓΔ Kimberly Brannon, ΑΦ Roemary Brevard, ΑΔΠ Barbara Brotherton, ΔΖ Patrick Brown, ΑΤΩ Margaret Bruton, ΑΔΠ Marcy Buckner, ΑΔΠ Greg Buehner, ΠΚΦ Karen Campbell, ΔΖ Bob Carey, St. Anthony Hall Carmella Carr, ΓΦΒ Michael Church, SΧ Steven Churchill, ΣΑΕ Tara Condon, ΚΑΘ Ashley DeJong, ΔΖ Donald K. Densborn, ΣΝ Brian Douglas, ΦΓΔ Danielle Durocher, ΑΧΩ Jim Estes, KA Order Marilyn Fordham, ΔΓ Deana Gage, ΑΦ Bill Gardiner, ΑΤΩ Judy Glatz, ΑΦ Kent Hance, ΔΤΔ Mark Hartman, ΠΚΦ Diane Hawkins Eggert, ΦΜ Mary Jane P. Beach, ΚΑΘ Ernest Johnson, ΠΚΦ Annabel Jones, ΓΦΒ Eugene Julian, KA Order Dana Kleine, ΧΩ Α Β Γ Δ Ε Ζ Η Θ Ι Κ Λ Μ Ν Ξ Ο Π Ρ ΣΤ ΥΦ Χ Ψ Ω the Fraternity and Sorority Preserving the Greek experience for 2 FSPAC DONOR HONOR ROLL 2017-2018 Cycle Contributions as of August 10, 2017 T he following generous donors have either made pledges or cash contributions to the FSPAC. Pledges to the FSPAC total $524,435 toward the $700,000 goal for the 2017-2018 election cycle. Due to space constraints, only donors who contribute more than $200 are listed in print publications. For a listing of all FSPAC donors, visit www.fspac.org. WHY I GIVE TO THE FSPAC "I support the FSPAC because if fraternities and sororities are not at the table we will likely be on the menu. But for the role that the FSPAC has played over the last decade in building relationships with members of Congress, we would not have been able to work on a bipartisan basis to prevent legislation and regulation that threatens the first amendment rights of our members. Nor would the broader fraternity and sorority community be in the position of strength it is in today to advocate for common sense reforms that prioritize student safety and advance the values that our organizations were founded upon. Simply stated, I support the FSPAC because I support fraternity." – Scott D. Wiley, ΔΣΦ

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