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Subscribe at 46 WHY I STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE MARLA DUNLAP CERTIFIED HIGHER EDUCATION PROFESSIONAL (CHEP) IN TEACHING DENTAL HYGIENE PROGRAM DIRECTOR — CONCORDE CAREER COLLEGE — MEMPHIS How many years of experience do you have in higher education? I have more than eight years of experience in higher education. How did you begin your career in higher education? My peers encouraged me to pursue teaching, as they had noted my interactions with patients and co-workers and the joy I had for the profession. I wanted to contribute and give back to the field that had been so rewarding to me by disseminating what I'd learned. e chance to help improve someone else's life by offering them the same opportunity I was afforded is what makes me pursue lifelong learning. What part of your job brings you the most personal satisfaction? I'm most satisfied when I see the "light bulb go off " when a student understands a concept they were once struggling with. In that moment, I know I've inspired them to continue pursuing their dreams and helped them realize they can conquer anything if they're committed to the challenge. What advice do you have for fellow educators in the career college sector of higher education? My advice for fellow educators is to realize there's more than one learning style, and instructors must accommodate all styles when teaching. Being flexible and providing various methods of instruction are invaluable when striving to become an effective educator. Regardless of teaching experience, you should always want to grow as an educator.

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