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KANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY page 3 Bree Ayotte Susie Ayres Joan Benson Amalia Buckwalter Julie Case Sylvia Crawford Lisa Ehrenberg Gina Engel Pam Enserro Carlton Getz Heather Gravence Linda Hittle Robin Holmes Kipp Kaiser Lara Laughlin Debbie Lipford Lori Mannoni Kathleen Mayfield Geralyn Minshew Karla Nystrom Aaron Otto Donna Rarnoldy Lisa Razo Carey Sarah LaDona Schmidt Penny Shanklin Kim Tjelmeland Carol Wood Denise Wood Sherri Zarse W hen Warren "Hap" McLeod '70 started at Kansas State University he immediately found a home in Delta Chi. During Hap's time on campus he was able to make lifelong friendships that he will always cherish, such as the companionship he made and kept with Thomas Hunter '69. Tom served on the board for the Kansas State Chapter of Delta Chi and was a key part of keeping the thread of history and values be- tween the inaugural chap- ter of 1964 and today. While Hap noted that these successes were significant to the chapter, he is able to more vividly remember watching Tom show off his rendition of the Freddie, a 1960s fad dance made popular by the British group Freddie and the Dreamers. Hap suggests that all the post- 60s alumni should look it up. In Hap's senior year he was living off campus with a few friends and outside of the comforts of the chapter house. It was summertime and hardly anyone was around. Hap felt confident in his abilities since he had gained valuable experi- ences during his time in the house including the art of managing a budget. Considering they had a surplus of roommates, budget was not the issue for Hap and the group. Nevertheless, the landlord was not as eager to discuss their profit/loss statements following the discovery of the extra roommate. They were evicted, which back in those days the group thought that meant imme- diately. This was the only time Hap had ever been homeless. He looked to Delta Chi for help and it answered. Possibly more literally than he in- tended, but it answered. After a couple nights of couch slumming Hap decided to climb up a tree where he found an open window to the second story of the chapter house. Hap quickly felt re- lief and comfort. He would secretly remain in the ease of the chapter house for the remainder of the summer, but it would become less easy once the house manger caught onto him. "I had to keep opening all the windows in the house so I'd know I would have some way in." "The chapter house was more than a building. It was a home, a refuge, and the place to meet life- long brothers. Stories may dwindle over time. Friends may move many miles away from one another, but a bond between brothers will always be shared," Hap said. "It was a pleasure to give to the Kansas State Chapter of Delta Chi on behalf of my brother Tom for the Hunter Needs Based Scholarship," Hap said. "My hope is that the young men in the fraternity now are able to have the same type of lifelong bond that Tom and I shared." Sadly, Tom entered Chapter Eternal January 28, 2010. "We didn't get to see each other much but every time we did, we'd stand face-to-face and we'd put our right arms on each other's shoulders. We never crossed on each other and we always had the other's back. It was a type of ritual that brought you back. We always did that." Hap now lives in Arkansas City, Kan., where he runs his modular beach walkway business, Mister- boardwalk. Hap started Misterboardwalk in 1989 while living in New Jersey. Recently, Hap has been involved with the archaeological site of the ancient city of Etzanoa, perhaps the largest Native American archeological site in the U.S. and Canada. You can connect with Hap at Sometimes to Open Doors, You Must First Open a Window Why Warren "Hap" McLeod '70 Gives Back to Delta Chi T his year the Mother's Day auction raised over $3,000 to benefit the Delta Chi Kansas State Educational Foundation. We could not have done it without the support of our wonderful parents, friends, and alumni, who donated auction items and bid on those items. The following are those who made a donation to the Kansas State Educational Foundation. Mom's Day Auction a Success! Have You Seen These Brothers? Frederick H. Beeler '62 Richard B. Teeter '66 Kelvin L. Davis '67 Michael Abshire '68 Stanley R. Downs '68 David M. Alexander '70 Dennis E. Barnes '70 Richard K. Walpole '70 Edward E. Nelson '71 Bruce K. Parker '73 Edwin R. Nord '74 Richard D. Taylor '74 Thomas W. Randall '76 Terry Coffey '80 J B. Creath '80 Kenny R. Knowles '82 Daniel M. Warren '95 Mike S. Ballou '96 James E. Clossen '96 William A. Schwab III '98 Jeremy R. Bielski '04 Justin J. Wilbanks '05 Jonathan D. Rasmussen '07 Jerod P. Rivers '07 Brian C. Casad '08 John M. Orick '14 Please help us locate these brothers by sending their current mailing address and e-mails to o t t o m a t i c 9 8 @ h o t m a i l . com. "AA" International President Aaron Otto '98 auctions off items at the annual Mom's Day auction. This year the chapter raised over $3,000 to benefit the Delta Chi Kansas State Educational Foundation.

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