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DELTA CHI page 2 Members of the 1964 Society Provide Critical Support to the Delta Chi Educational Foundation I n the fall of 2016, the Kansas State Delta Chi Educational Foundation created a new alumni giving program, the 1964 Society. All tax-de- ductible gifts donated to the society through the Kansas State Delta Chi Educational Foundation will help sustain the chapter. Funds raised from the 1964 Society fund will help support our alumni communications efforts, including high-quality newsletters and alumni bio updates for the Kansas State Chapter. Entry into this important society requires that alumni contribute an annual membership gift of $235.68 (or $19.64 a month for 12 months). Making donations to the Kansas State Chapter has never been easier as recurring payments and one-time online gifts are available on our website at tion. These contributions are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Membership in the 1964 Society honors our chap- ter's rich history by paying tribute to the original founding year of our chapter, which was chartered on October 13, 1964. Just as our brothers before us believed in the Fraternity's mission—promoting friendship, developing character, advancing justice, and directly assisting with the acquisition of a sound education—so too must we support the chapter for the years to come. For this giving society to cover the expenses of our alumni communications program, we need the sup- port of at least 50 alumni. Thanks to the generous support of the alumni and friends listed below, we are almost halfway to our goal. Please help us reach that goal by joining the 1964 Society and make your pledge today. C. Lynn McFadden '65 Stanley A. Salisbury '67 Thomas D. Haney Jr. '70 William H. Meredith '71 Mark D. Alley '95 Jeffrey S. Tamasi '96 Dr. Jacob Arnett '98 Aaron A. Otto '98 Bryan C. Wagner '99 Carlton A. Getz '00 Tracey R. Mann '00 Cody L. Sudmeier '01 Erin and Matt Killingsworth '02 John T. Kattenberg '03 Matthew A. Gorney '06 Rhett A. Jones '13 Eric T. Haun '14 Michael S. Kennedy '14 Heath P. Lilek '14 Evan A. McMican '14 Andy S. Rao '14 Zachary M. Stroth '15 Andrew W. Woolley '15 Join the 1964 Society today at foudation A fter transferring f r o m W i c h i t a State University, Don Bentsen '69 was looking for an opportu- nity that allowed him to develop lifelong friend- ships. Thanks to a long- time friend, Don Parker '70, he quickly found that within the Kansas State Chapter of Delta Chi. "A quick develop- ing bond with my fellow pledge brothers and existing active members of the chapter was extremely important in assisting me in the tran- sition to the Kansas State campus," said Don on the importance of his decision to join Delta Chi. While building his career, Don attributes some of his success and his ability to overcome chal- lenges to the lessons he learned during college. "Delta Chi provided a valuable opportunity to develop skills in working with and leading a group of people with very diverse backgrounds and expectations in accomplishing common goals," Don stated while reminiscing on his college days. "There were a number of men who were passionate about the development and success of Delta Chi that had an impact on my fraternity experience. There were so many, but a few in particular were Dar Cline '68, Thomas Beery '66, Steve Guthrie '67, Dr. David Simmons '67, Stan Salisbury '67 and Larry Turnbull '66, all of whom were found- ers of the chapter that was beginning its second year when I joined." Delta Chi provided Don the opportunity to enjoy and experience the fraternity lifestyle. "Delta Chi provided the platform to grow both academically and socially while develop- ing lifelong friendships. While maintaining these values, the growth in service, both to the uni- versity and other public institutions, should be continued by the current and future chapter mem- bers," Don expressed this as one of the reasons Delta Chi has been suc- cessful in fulfilling its mission and is what it needs to continue to do to sustain that success. One of Don's proudest achievements is rais- ing his two children and two step children. "It was fulfilling to watch them navigate and grow through the challenges of their educational years and transform these experiences into suc- cessful careers and lives as young adults." Don maintains contact with several of his pledge brothers and has recently reconnected with many of them, including a reunion trip to Man- hattan to meet up with approximately 20 Delta Chi brothers and their wives from the '65-'69 time period. Since retiring in July 2009, Don has gained the time to reconnect with acrylics as well as growing his passion for golf. Don and his wife, Muriel, live in Danville, Calif. and celebrated their 21 st anniversary this July. They enjoy vacationing and are excited for their up- coming river cruises on the Danube in fall and the Seine next summer, where they will be join- ing another Delta Chi brother, Dr. Dan Yunk '71, and his wife, Cheryl. "The continuing con- nection of so many Delta Chi alumni reinforces the value that we, as alumni, place on our ex- periences as fraternity members." You can con- nect with Don at A Home in Manhattan How Don Bentsen '69 Found Support from Delta Chi in Its Early Days Alumni News Justin J. Knopf '00 and his wife, Lindsay, welcomed a sweet new addition to their family in February, daughter Clara Janene. They are building a house in Gypsum, Kan. E-mail: justin@ Left: Twenty-two alumni returned to Man- hattan for the annual spring alumni event and were surprised to find restored letters from the old chapter house on 508 Sunset.

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