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Gamma Chi Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha at Oklahoma State University

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Pike Press Page 2 Legacy Society ($500,000 and Above) Gordon E. Eubanks Jr. '65 Neal L. Patterson '68 Gamma Chi Society ($100,000 to $499,999) Loyal Undergraduate Brothers David L. Metz, M.D. '77 Rick B. Holder '78 Gino DeMarco '80 True Pike Society ($50,000 to $99,999) John M. Williams '68 In memory of Cyrus S. Mavalvala '70 Dick J. Beshear '73 Richard L. Young '80 Dagger and Key Society ($25,000 to $49,999) Anonymous Rodger O. Riney '64 In memory of Jerome Bitting '62 William L. Chaufty '71 Richard D. Forshee '71 In memory of John W. Oldham '71 Bryan L. Patterson '71 Thomas Goekeler '81 Blain Claypool '85 Eric L. Rock '86 Karl G. Bovee '89 Oak Tree Society ($15,000 to $24,999) David A. Bagwell '62 Bryan G. Bagwell '63 Jack R. Hadsall '64 Stanley H. Shelden '64 In memory of John Keahey '64 David L. Fienning '65 Nicholas S. Hunter, D.D.S. '66 David W. Humphrey '70 Ed Sutter '70 Millard Harp '74 N. Lee Killman '76 In memory of David Killman '97 Michael D. Toelle '78 Richard R. Loyd '80 Mizell Family Gift Michael G. Mizell '80 Bobby W. Mizell '08 Todd Hittle '84 Edward N. Dulaney '85 Kenneth E. Boyett '86 In memory of J. Lewie Sanderson '39 David P. Reid '86 Lee Wilson '86 In memory of J. Lewie Sanderson '39 Shad D. Williams '90 Ethan T. Slavin '91 Dennis S. Packard '93 John W. Peters III '96 Nicholas A. Johnson '02 Garnet and Gold Society ($10,000 to $14,999) Garvey Family Gift John J. Garvey Shelby R. Garvey '14 David D. Hynes '68 Gary W. Morris '72 Marc Norvell '72 Paul B. Vaughn '88 Kim and Shane Pate '00 Tabron K. Holloway '03 Jeffrey M. Buchanan '05 White Horse Society ($5,000 to $9,999) John J. Garvey Sheila Killingsworth In honor of Pi Kappa Alpha Alumni, Pistol Pete 1977-78, and Wendell Hicks Ralph E. Turner '66 Joseph M. White '77 Dr. Charles D. Aldridge '78 Rob Irwin '79 David K. Sargent '80 John K. Hatheway '81 Ronald K. Young '82 Steve E. Monnot '86 In memory of Leroy D. Severe '54 David S. Wanzer '88 In memory of Steve Harvell '87 Jack D. Webb '88 E. Jason Fiscus '90 James O. Hix IV '90 Christopher J. Williams '95 Michael S. Price '96 Shaun P. Brady '97 Brotherhood Society ($2,500 to $4,999) Fred G. Tennille '59 Don Hager '60 Bill Kelsey '67 Larry D. Schuelein '67 Ken Smith '72 Bradford F. Hill '73 Jim E. Dean '78 In memory of Paul A. Crawford '79 Benni J. DeMarco '84 Christopher L. Mountford '85 Kevin D. Decker '87 Rob S. Holder '87 Justin R. Castleberry '00 Jason M. Miller '00 Duston N. Lansford '01 Brandon Lux '02 Neely and Rhys Gay '05 Derek B. Henson '05 Rueben R. Ramirez '05 Austin T. Waugh '06 Contributors ($1,000 to $2,499) Anonymous Leonard Aleman '46 In memory of Initiates of 1946 Larry C. Osius '50 John B. Walton '51 Norvin E. Zummallen '54 J.D. Casey '55 Paul M. McNally '55 Truman Netherton '56 In memory of J. Lovie Sanderson Richard N. Tennille '56 Norman L. Sturdevant '57 Willis D. Hauser '59 Kenneth R. Devero '60 Douglas L. Boyd '61 Joe D. Sanders '61 Jim H. Henley '62 Kendall K. Schmaltz '62 Stephen C. Mills, M.D. '63 Carl Tennille '63 Greg P. Barnes '65 Ricker Family Gift Larry R. Ricker '65 Richard L. Holcomb '68 John C. Smith '70 W. Edward Clymer, M.D. '72 Scott F. Kallenberger '72 Scott L. Buckles '78 Gerald L. Morrison '78 William D. Fraase II '86 Harlow Family Gift D. Scot Harlow '87 Don L. Edrington '90 Michael S. Elliott '90 In memory of Steve Harvell '87 Kevin Ta '94 Ryan C. Smith '98 Scott R. Snook '98 Tibor J. Szlavy '98 Jared N. Harlow '01 James T. Splawn '01 Grant J. Morris '02 Justin M. Warner '04 Andrew W. Allen '07 Thomas A. Fiegener '12 In Kind Contributors Richard Young '80 David Reid '86 Shane Pate '00 W e are deeply grateful to the donors listed below for committing to the Honoring Our Legacy, Securing Our Future capital campaign. These brothers recognize the importance of ensuring the future of Gamma Chi Chapter and have demonstrated a sense of gratitude for their personal experience. Commitments are still needed from the rest of our alumni to achieve our goal and complete this major project. All donors contributing a minimum of $2,500 over a five-year period will be recognized on a plaque prominently displayed in the new chapter house. If an error has been made in recording your gift, or your name has been mistakenly omitted, we sincerely apologize. Please advise our campaign coordinator at (785) 843-1661. Campaign Status At-A-Glance Total Raised as of August 9, 2017: $6,492,353 Number of Donors: 128 Honoring Our Legacy, Securing Our Future ank You, Brothers, for Your Generous Donations Brothers who make a gift of $500 or more will receive a commemorative challenge coin as a special thank-you.

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